Vacay 2019 - 5 helpful online hacks

For many of us, January’s a month that’s mired in post-festive melancholy.

After all of the excitement of Christmas and New Year, it’s easy to feel as flat and fizz-free as the last drop of champagne at the bottom of the bottle.

But instead of making snap resolutions that might prove nigh impossible to execute  (like a 7-day gym regime or spartan diet) planning your dream vacation for the summer might be enough to keep your pecker up until the warm weather returns.

With that in mind, here are five helpful online hacks for a 2019 vacay to remember.

  • Google Translate

Learning a little of the local lingo is the least you can do if you want to make an effort to adapt to the culture in new climes.

And the latest incarnation of language app Google Translate allows adventurers to take a photo that features text, highlight the puzzling prose and translate it instantly into English — a feature that will help you distinguish frog’s legs from French fries.

But it’s also handy for clarifying civilities like ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ which speak volumes in any tongue.

  • AtYourGate

If you’re shopping or dining at an unfamiliar airport, or simply stuck for time to explore everything that’s on offer, the AtYourGate delivery app is a secure in-airport service that brings the best retail of your departure airport to your fingertips.


So if your favorite burger joint is in a remote terminal or you need to top up on last minute beauty products before boarding, look no further. AtYourGate currently operates at US airports like San Diego, Newark and JFK, but looks set to spread soon.


Traveling to the airport in your own ride is often much more relaxing than battling your way there by braving public transport — but if you don’t pre-book parking prior to departure, trying to find a last-minute space might leave you feeling frazzled.

So find the best deals on park and ride or valet services on airport parking site and book early to bag a bargain price. Then once your vehicle’s stowed safely, saunter through to departures feeling superbly serene.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb is no spring chicken in the online travel sector — but it might still be the best way to find comfy and authentic accommodation in a vast range of international cultures.

If you don’t want to stay in a nondescript hotel chain and are looking for something slightly more salubrious than a backpacker’s hostel, this is the place to find well-appointed lodgings in some of the world’s trendiest locations.

  • AirHelp

If your holiday flight’s delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, seeking financial compensation is a natural next step.

But air carriers sometimes make the process so tortuously time-consuming that travelers give up before any funds are recouped. Fear not — compensation app AirHelp sifts through the small print for you and lodges your claim in return for 25 per cent of any successful payout.

That completes our 5 online facts for your summer vacay 2019! Add your own tips in the comments section.