The Popcorn and Play the Best Movie-tie in Slots

You can’t get away from movie tie-ins. When a film smashes the box office, no time is wasted in releasing themed merchandise, books and other tie-in stuff. And though we think we’d pass on any more novelty t-shirts – we’ve got a wardrobe-full of those already, thank you very much –, we can’t get enough of movie tie-in slot games.

I mean, who could say no to the chance to spin more reels alongside stars of the big screen? Many of cinema’s biggest and best blockbusters have already been transformed into awesome slot games. These slots pull in a huge percentage of the nation’s online gaming crowd, as well as thousands of plucky film buffs who don’t usually consider themselves gamers.


It doesn’t matter what genre of flicks you watch to get your kicks. You’ll find slots based on everything from hilarious comedies like Ted and Mars Attacks! to fantasy classics like Jumanji and The Invisible Man.

Not only can you expect to see the film’s starring characters right there on the reels as you play, but you’ll more than likely find all the other things used to make slots brilliant these days. We’re talking about innovative bonus features, impressive 3D graphics and epic jackpot prizes.

So put down the popcorn. You don’t have to settle for just watching you favourite movie stars from afar. Join them playing the 7 best movie tie-in slots according to the experts at bgo casino.

Good luck and have fun.