Key Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting Services

Workplace efficiency is the backbone to success in the modern business environment where competition has become stiffer and more technology oriented. Running a company website is today not an alternative but a primary necessity regardless of the niche segment you serve.

Despite the crucial role of a well run and managed website in promoting a brand or a business, you cannot have bear all the burdens that come with web hosting and server management alone. To save money, time, and a lot of frustration, you need a suitable solution to ensuring your online presence is catered for professionally – by going for fully managed VPS hosting services.

Why Managed?

1. Proactive configuration.

Setting up a web hosting account is a lot like tuning a race car.  While just about anyone can get a car to start and drive down to the corner store, not everyone can turn a mediocre car into an Indy 500 winner.  Web hosting is similar.

Managed hosting enables you to delegate this configuration and setup to experts who can do these tasks blindfolded. KnownHost VPS plans ensure you experts available to optimize the performance and migrate your data from your old hosting company, and make sure everything is up and running flawlessly – without having to lift a finger yourself.

2. Value for money.

A single package that includes server and database management significantly lowers your costs given the high costs of hiring professionals to perform the tasks in-house. It is practical to go for a comprehensive solution which will let you focus on your primary objectives as a business without overstretching your limits. Having a reliable hosting partner also means that you have the extra confidence that you will not be victim to server problems that can see you experience unwarranted downtime.


3. Enhanced server security.

Leading hosting companies like KnownHost have on board a team of server gurus who have the required expertise in dealing with security-related issues. By letting the experts do what they know best, you take away any gambles from your online presence. There are hundreds of new ways which hackers try to use to access websites and servers remotely and without a team working around the clock to tackle these issues you remain highly vulnerable. Managed hosting solutions take care of all security audits, virus scans, software firewall configuration, and spam filtering among other concerns for a fulfilling experience.

4. Guaranteed data backup.

Data has become the modern gold mine for the average company making it essential to preserve the integrity of all your online processes. In the worst case scenario that there is a disaster that impacts the servers, managed hosting will ensure operational continuity as all your data is backed up and secured. Recovery of lost data is not only costly but time-consuming and can negatively impact your business.

The 24-hour technical support that comes with choosing managed VPS hosting gives you a competitive edge on the internet where any problem that can affect the user experience can ruin your operation. Managed services encompass more than management of the OS and extend to the crucial role of database management which is customizable depending on your organizations’ current demands. In the end, the endless benefits and affordability of managed hosting beat all the unnecessary hassles of traditional unmanaged hosting.