Photobombing is an occurrence with which we are all too familiar. It is a source of annoyance that is experienced all too frequently, especially when doing photography in crowded areas.

What’s funny is that every time we think the coast is clear, a random person or object swooshes into the frame of the picture without even registering in our sight. We find this out only when it’s too late; that they have invaded a seemingly perfect picture. To make matters worse are those smartphone apps that promise a lot but don’t really deliver much. In fact, they do more harm than good.

Professional photo editing tool

Professional photo editing tools, on the other hand, come with their own big fat book of instruction manuals, and that’s just the beginning. Learning how to imbue your creativity with those tools requires an internship with an illustrator or a graphic designer. And we haven’t even begun discussing the exorbitant software prices yet.

This is where Movavi Photo Editor comes into the picture. The software helps to remove unwanted objects easily and restores your concept for the photo. What’s even more impressive is how it handles shadows seamlessly ‘behind the scenes’. When you use this software, you won’t be left with an awkward shadow lingering in the background.

photo editing tool

Let’s discuss how the procedure works – ( )


Step 1) Installing the Software

The first step is to download and install Movavi Photo Editor from this link. Just follow the onscreen instructions to install the application and you’re good to go.

Step 2) Selecting the Picture

Once you have launched the application, you will be asked to drag and drop your desired image. Alternatively, you can browse to the directory of the picture and select it individually for editing.

Step 3) Removing Undesirable Objects from the Image

To remove unnecessary details from the image, simply click the ‘Object Removal’ button. This will display the ‘Selection Brush’ tool. This will allow you to select parts on the picture that you want to get rid of. Once you have identified and selected the unwanted objects, click the ‘Selection Eraser’ tool. Now, press the ‘Start Erasing’ button to initiate the process.

To give finishing touches, you can use the ‘Stamp’ tool to remove any imperfections left as a consequence of removing the object.

Step 4) Saving the Photo

The final step is to save the picture. Simply hover over to the ‘Save’ button and click it to make your changes permanent. You can alternatively export the image to different file formats, depending on your use.

Other Features of Movavi Photo Editor

Want to get rid of those smudges on older photographs of your grandparents? Want to improve some old family photos? Movavi Photo Editor allows you to restore photos by repairing them without requiring any special training.

Taking Pictures on a Cloudy Day

Taking pictures on a cloud day is easier said than done. This is because clouds are known for distorting and dulling the colors of many objects, making them appear lackluster. With Movavi Photo Editor, all you have to do is drag a slider to improve the contrast and you’re all set!