Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring is an absolute necessity for any business – whether small or large. In many cases, your IT department lacks the visibility it requires to plan for performance issues. This means that your business is in the dark until something happens or someone complains. When an outage occurs, the clock is still ticking and the longer it takes to resolve, the more it costs you, in regards to staff time lost, loss of productivity and even loss of end-user satisfaction. Furthermore, your business’ wireless devices, servers, switches and routers, and applications need a 24/7 network monitoring solution. Keeping tabs on your business network technology means that you can easily spot and fix issues quickly. Here are more reasons why network-monitoring software can lighten your IT load and make life easier.

Potential Cost Savings

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a local or multinational business, the loss of productivity occasioned by a network outage will result in a financial hit. A network monitoring solution allows you to anticipate impending outages and address issues proactively, reducing risks to your business operation. The software will also play a pivotal role in helping you understand what elements on your network are over or under-utilized. The solution might also help you find unnecessary costs that should be eliminated. Or, you can use the software to find components that need upgrading to improve performance. A network monitoring solution also provides cost saving in reduced workforce requirements in the IT department. Reliable software can also reduce troubleshooting time required for network issues, allowing your team to focus on other important tasks.


Improved Security

Improved Security While it shouldn’t be the only security solution, network monitoring software can enhance cybersecurity and prevent network intrusions like ransomware attacks. One way of identifying a possible security risk on your network is unusual traffic spikes and unfamiliar devices on the network. Proper business network management can also help prevent users from inadvertently accessing harmful websites. You can configure the network to block access to harmful websites as well as strengthen company security protocols with the help of network monitoring software. Such tactics will help in your overall objective of improving both network and business security.

Usage Trends

Network monitoring software will help you get usage trends based on time and geographies. These usage patterns can help identify demand peaks so you can allocate resources for the better end-user experience. Also, the software will help identify what is popular with a specific department. The information gathered can then be used to improve the system for internal and client-specific applications through sites like

Improve Network Performance

Improve Network Performance Network monitoring solutions are the best way to keep a pulse on the performance of the network. Active monitoring helps in catching issues before they have a negative impact on your daily operations. Furthermore, the software also provides you with plenty of real-time data on metrics such as jitter, bandwidth usage, latency, packet loss and much more. The detailed overview of the entire system will help the IT team easily zero-in on the source of any issues you are having.


Some of the biggest reasons for implementing a network monitoring solution is to monitor your business’ computer network usage and performance, as well as to check for failing or slow systems. Also, the software can alert network administrators of outages and performance issues via an alarm or sending out an email. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of solutions to choose from, from free to open source network monitoring software to enterprise products with an infinite supply of upgrade options. When choosing a solution, make sure it’s designed to offer you long-term success.