Email validation: the critical step for successful email marketing

Consumers and businesses these days consider emails a great way to communicate and stay in touch. It’s no surprise that email marketing has become a priority for companies of all types and sizes. Not only do they work hard to come up with effective strategies for their email blasts, but many business owners and marketers use email validation to keep their email lists in shape.

Unclog your email list

Dead and fake email addresses clog up your list, wasting dollars and time as you send a message which is bound to bounce. You need to use an email verifier, as without it, even well-crafted email campaigns may fall flat. Concentrate on the audience that’s looking forward to receiving your emails and ditch the contacts that are of no use to you. If you really care about your email marketing, email validation is necessary step in the process.


No more abandoned email addresses in your database

There are big businesses in the global market that are investing in email to advertise their products and services. No wonder that more than 80 percent of business to business marketers uses newsletters to level up their marketing. Also, billions of people have an email address associated with the company they work for. But what happens when these individuals leave firms and change their email addresses? You end up having abandoned or non-existent contacts in your email list, and that only reduces its quality. A good email validation system will remove these accounts from your database.

Virtual information

When people subscribe to your mailing list, they often misspell their email addresses. You may be happy you got another subscriber, but if the contact is invalid, there is no value in that email address. Use double opt-in on your signup forms – this way you make sure people enter their address correctly and can receive your communication. Having a healthy and updated email list is critical in obtaining the best return on investment. Digital marketers send across thousands of emails to their potential customer’s everyday. When your emails bounce back, that shows a poor sender score that has a rating between 0-100. The score rates the sender’s reputation and tell you how different internet service providers see your IP address. Email validation will protect your long-term reputation and ensure your email campaigns are reaching your customers.