Twitter is a great platform for people who crave up-to-the-minute info from the biggest celebrities, brands, broadcasters and commentators. It has even managed to surprise analysts with rapid revenue increases, making its future look a lot brighter.

If you’re a fan of online casinos, Twitter is also an excellent place to keep abreast of deals, offers, promos and news of all types. Here are a few of the best accounts for anyone who enjoys video slots, table games and sports betting to follow.

professional and aimed


Slick, professional and aimed at people who take their gambling seriously, the 888casino Twitter account is a font of knowledge for lovers of blackjack, poker and other games that blend skill with luck.

It regularly shares blogs which cover a variety of interesting topics, from what it’s like to be a croupier in a real world casino to which slots games are worth checking out at the moment.

Some people might be put off by the fact that it mostly provides industry content and how-to articles rather than exclusive sign-up bonuses. But for the right audience its informative, no-nonsense approach will be the main selling point.


In terms of cuteness and consistency, Casumo is responsible for one of the best Twitter feeds in the online casino community. It usually accompanies its tweets with adorably colourful images or fully fledged animations which really establish a sense of its personality as a brand.

As well as sharing info on new games and features on its site, it also uses Twitter to celebrate the biggest winners when a lucky person manages to snag a jackpot. It’s exciting stuff if you’re at all interested in the industry and the regularity of major payouts.

It may not be as well known as some of its rivals, but it is definitely a company on the rise. You can follow @casumocasino to see what all the fuss is about.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is the bad boy of the online casino world. Or at least it likes to market itself as an impish instigator of cheeky banter. And just as its ads have courted controversy in the past, its Twitter presence can involve more than a bit of tongue in cheek tomfoolery.


Its feed blends a lot of different elements, from time-limited promotions to guides that cover upcoming events, including big sports games, horse racing meet ups and more.

The Paddy Power account is also the best place to stay up to date with all of its other coverage, from live streamed shows on Facebook to podcasts about hot-button topics. The content can skew towards the sports betting side of the market, and the tweets come thick and fast throughout the day, so maybe take it for a test run to see how it fits in with your interests.


No other online casino has got a better grasp of how to use emojis on Twitter than Bet365. And it is also one of the few companies to have tweeted recently about the importance of responsible gambling, which is a message we can all get behind.

Like Paddy Power, a lot of its feed is dedicated to the latest sporting topics, as well as odds on the range of other events that it covers. If you want to find out interesting facts and figures about sports stars, stadiums and more, it also delivers interesting tidbits interspersed with its regular posts.

In terms of presentation, its tweets are occasionally accompanied by brand-friendly images, GIFs and videos, although these can sometimes lack the personality and flare of other brands. So there’s room for improvement, even if it has vastly more followers to its name.

Grosvenor Casinos

While most modern casino sites are exclusively operated online, Grosvenor is one of the few brands that also has a bricks and mortar presence. So if you like to mix your digital experiences with real world casino visits, give its official Twitter account a follow for all the news and updates you could ever need.

You’ll be amongst the first to find out about its newest games and apps, as well as the latest sports news and odds as they come through. It also has regular video clips which cover casino etiquette, expectations and general advice on gentlemanly behaviour.

Admittedly there is a sense that Grosvenor Casinos has a Twitter presence that is more tuned towards a male audience. But thankfully it is not the only option out there, and you are always in control of curating your own feed. So if you get tired of any of the accounts recommended, you can ditch them and see what their rivals have to offer.

As a rule it is a good idea to mix up your Twitter feed regularly to avoid it becoming stagnant. And don’t just follow one type of account; the best experience can be achieved with a diverse selection of follows.