The world of 3D modeling is quickly growing. More and more industries are relying on 3D modeling to complete projects and to create new technologies. As the need for 3D modeling continues to grow, so does the number of software available. Whether you’re just getting started with 3D modeling or you want to increase your skills, this software can take your modeling skills to new heights. The software below is pushing the boundaries on computer generated models, and you’ll be blown away by what you can accomplish! Keep reading to review the best 3D modeling software in 2018.

Best 3D Modeling Software in 2018

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3D Modeling for Artists

3D modeling is changing the way artists create art. Modeling software allows artists and animators to push the boundaries of visual representation. Both designers and illustrators can benefit from learning more about 3D art, so it’s no wonder this is such a big industry nowadays. It’s important to note that if you’re serious about your 3D modeling art, you’ll need a big software to bring your skills to the next level. These software require a high-quality graphics card on your platform as well as a lot of memory to keep your software functioning at a high level.


Maya is the best software for artists looking to have the highest quality tools at their disposal. Not only is Maya used by the top animation studios like Pixar, it has unique tools you won’t find anywhere else. Maya is an advanced, challenging software that isn’t for beginners, but if you’re looking for something that has it all, Maya is for you.



If you don’t have the budget (or advanced skills) for Maya, you can download the free version of Houdini. The premium version of Houdini is used in many major art and production studios around the world, so it’s a great stepping stone to learn the ins and outs of 3D modeling. The free version of Houdini is known as Houdini Apprentice which is perfect for students and hobby artists creating non-commercial products.

3D Modeling for Architects or Product Designers

Another popular use for 3D modeling is for architects or product designers. Creating 3D models is a great way to consider sizing, measurements, and more before actually producing a design. That’s why so many architects use 3D modeling software to ensure their 2D designs are ready for production. Product designers and engineers can use 3D models to test products before creating prototypes. Here are the best softwares for architects or designers.


PhotoModeler is one of the leading 3D modeling softwares across industries, but it’s especially useful for architects. It’s used not only with traditional architectural design, but also with preservation, BIM, conservation, and cultural resource management. It’s easy to scan objects and facades to create an accurate 3D model for your architecture project. Learn which version of PhotoModeler is right for you at

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based software specifically for product engineers. It lets you control the product development process within a single cloud so you can easily design, test, and produce from one interface. It includes simulations, assemblies, realistic renderings, and more to help you execute any product engineering project.

Best Software for 3D Modeling

As technology continues to develop, so does 3D modeling software. It’s no wonder so many industries are using 3D modeling to create better products, art, and technology than we’ve ever seen before If you want to create the best-quality models, you need the best software. These picks above are changing the way we approach the 3D world! No matter what you need your software for, these above are the best choices in 2018.