6 Reasons Web Designers Love the iPhone 8 Plus

After the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus, many people thought the phone may not be worth the upgrade. After all, the iPhone 8 Plus comes with a significant price tag. However, as a web designer, creating webpages and apps that users will enjoy requires the use of applications and developer tools. The ability for a designer to work on a smartphone has become more critical to getting work done. Find out the six reasons web designers love the iPhone 8 Plus.

Its 12-Megapixel Camera Is Powerful

Image via Flickr by Daniel E Lee

The camera is one of the best new features of the iPhone 8 Plus when comparing it to previous models. The 12-megapixel camera has greater functionality, a feature web designers will especially love. This functionality includes photographing in 4K video with the ability to adjust the speed to 60 frames per second or 24 frames per second. 

The most anticipated new camera feature is the improved Portrait Lighting mode which modifies lighting conditions to allow for sharper images. However, now the iPhone 8 Plus can also process these images faster.

It Has a Powerful TrueTone Display

What web designers see on their screens is important. Being able to see a perfect reproduction of the original image on the screen that minimizes distortion is a big reason web designers will love the iPhone 8 Plus. The new TrueTone display matches light on the screen to the ambient light surrounding you. In bright outdoor settings, the screen has bluer tones; inside, the display shows warmer hues.

In addition to the TrueTone display feature, the iPhone 8 Plus comes with a 5.8-inch bezel-less screen which uses OLED technology at a resolution of 1,125 by 2,436 pixels. The iPhone 8 however, still has the bezel, making its screen smaller at 5.2 inches with a resolution of 1,080 by 1,920 pixels. The removal of this bevel is something iPhone users have been waiting for.

Its A11 Bionic Chip Speeds Performance 

The addition of the A11 bionic chip enables the iPhone 8 Plus to be fast. It processes photos like a dream, and the most complex apps are no match for it. As web designers, the ability to edit video and run augmented-reality apps with lightning speed that blows the best Android phones out of the water is a great reason to love the iPhone 8 Plus.


It Delivers Powerful Wireless Charging 

While many accessories are not available for this feature yet, web designers who require much screen time and battery-draining apps will love the ability to quickly charge their iPhones throughout the day. Apple’s AirPower will be available soon, but for now, many Qi charging pads will work.

It Boasts Better Battery Life

With all the features mentioned above, of course, the concern will turn to the phone’s ability to power all these new features. Apple has ensured that the iPhone 8 Plus has a longer lasting battery than its previous models. Under tests which involved continuous usage, the iPhone 8 Plus lasted more than 11 hours. This long battery life makes this phone one of the longest running smartphones on the market.

It Offers Great Value to Consumers

When you compare the iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone X, many don’t believe that spending more money on the X has any value. The iPhone X is more about the future of mobile technology with only a few differences to the iPhone 8 Plus. Why pay $200 more for an iPhone X which has many of the same features as the iPhone 8 Plus?

While the iPhone 8 Plus does have a hefty price tag, web designers who want to upgrade to its powerful processor may want to consider that T-Mobile has an attractive iPhone 8 Plus price offering with several financing options. When paired with the T-Mobile network, regarded as the fastest network, according to an OpenSignal report, the iPhone 8 Plus makes an attractive reason to upgrade.

With affordable buying options and a list of new features available, the iPhone 8 Plus is worth the upgrade for web designers. The sharper images, TrueTone display, improved camera, and increased performance and processing will make any web designer’s job easier.