Wix Offers Comprehensive Website Creation for Everyone

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, everyone knows the importance of website for businesses and individuals. These days it is not even a question whether or not you should have a website. The thing that people often ask now is how to create a website for free.

Basically individuals and businesses have a fully understood the significance of having a website but they either don’t have the expertise or the resources to make one. And here’s where Wix comes into play.

Wix is an online free website builder with hundreds of features for creating feature-filled absolutely comprehensive websites all for free. The websites created through Wix are not only equipped with state-of-the-art features, but are aesthetically pleasing as well.

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Wix General Features

Wix comes with a gamut of features for anyone to create a stunning website. Following are some of its general features that make Wix a preferred website building platform for everyone.

Drag and drop customization – Wix’s advance Editor makes it easy to customize your site through the drag and drop feature. There’s no limit to your creativity and also no requirement of coding knowledge.

Custom domain name – You can get the domain name of your choice for your website.

Responsive and mobile friendly – Your visitors can experience your website on any device with same perfection. You can also get a mobile version of your site in just one click.

Wix SEO Wiz – Connect your website to Google instantly and get it indexed to be found online with Wix SEO Wiz.

Free and reliable hosting – Knowing how important it is for a website to have reliable hosting, Wix offers free hosting that’ll keep your website safe and secure.

Wix Engage & Wix Chat – To engage your visitors on your website and offer great customer service you can use Wix Enable and Wix Chat. You can see updates from your favorite Wix Apps and send customers product photos through your chat. There’s also a feature to get notified when visitors are on your site so you can start a chat with your visitors, or let them reach out to you right from your website.

Extensive app market – There are a number of powerful web apps and services to suit the needs of your specific business.

Wix Special Features

Apart from some general features, there are a number of special features that Wix offers for websites with a specific niche. Read about them in the following:


Wix for E-commerce

Wix for E-commerce

With a rapid growth in the e-commerce industry, websites need certain specific features that are tailor-made according to their requirements – and here’s where Wix Online Store comes in. It offers everything that you need to manage and sell your products online as well as the following features:

  • Professionally showcase all your product including new arrivals, best sellers and special items.
  • Customize your store’s tax and shipping rules for each destination.
  • Great layout options to choose from with a feature of adding the sizes and colors you offer.
  • You can offer multiple payment methods i.e. credit cards, PayPal, offline payments and more.
  • Wix will take no commission on the sales you make from your store
  • You can offer discounts, free shipping and other special deals right from your store.

Wix for Restaurants

Wix for Restaurants

No matter how big or small your restaurant is, you do need a website that gives you just the right kind of features. Owing to that, Wix has some special offerings for your restaurant website.

  • You can showcase your best dishes and scrumptious food with over 40 unique image galleries.
  • Create an interesting online menu and upload your food’s photos and prices easily in it.
  • Offer location of your restaurant for your customers through Google Maps.
  • Let customers make online, real-time reservations 24/7 through OpenTable Restaurant Reservations feature.

Wix for Portfolio and CV

Wix for Portfolio and CV

To make your services available for a myriad of opportunities, you need a website with particular features to promote yourself and showcase your work. Creating an online profile will help you to attract employers, and it will quickly show them that you are willing to go the extra mile to shine against your competitors. To help you succeed, Wix has a whole bunch of special features for online portfolios and resumes.

  • Ability to select from over 500 designer-made templates.
  • Add beautiful social media icons to your website to connect visitors to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Offer a customized contact form so people can reach you.
  • Artists, designers and photographers can showcase their photos and artwork with over 40 unique galleries.

To know more about all these features and many more that I couldn’t write about in this article, go to Wix’s website and get yourself the best that it has to offer.