The Terms of Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

The term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very recent term. But regardless of this, it is now more almost as recognisable as a roulette table. If you do not know what a roulette table is, then visit any of the best online casino sites. And this would only prove that the point if you know what SEO is. In case you have no idea then let us take this chance to promote a more profitable use of the internet other than gambling for real money.

A Suckers Guide To SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, this term is pretty self-explanatory. This is the art or science (whichever you end up classifying it as) of making an online presence easily findable by search engines. The actual definition has not been optimised for the internet user.

Search Engine.  These are companies that specialise in helping people find their way through the internet. They do this by developing complicated computer programs that “search” the web and arrange results according to relevance to what the user is seeking for. The programs have rules that guide them in the selection of the results.


Search Engine Optimizer is the person who is responsible for making the online presence (website, app, social media page) in line with the rules that guide the computer programs. The programs are commonly referred to as algorithms. The more that your internet presence is friendly to these systems the higher it will rank on the search engine

Why you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation

Why you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation

The world is moving fast to the space age and cyber really is the final frontier. People are looking for everything online including pokies online. And there are really are few services that are not being offered online.

SEO improves your findability on the internet. So if you run a business you need SEO to make sure your clients can find you easily online.  Even if you are a career employee, you need prospective bosses to find you quickly.

The internet has become the biggest meeting place and Search Engine Optimisation is helping to make it easier to be found.