If you were able to record video footage of your desktop you could not only create tutorials of your very own but also document bug reports, provide demonstrations, and much more. Commonly referred to as ‘screencasts’, it is a type of video that is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it can be used in such a wide range of situations.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Step 1

To capture desktop screencasts you’ll need a desktop recording software of some kind. While there are several such screen recorders out there, none is quite as easy to use as Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

With its help, whenever you want to capture a desktop screencast you just need to launch the software and select ‘Record screen’ in the main window that appears. Once you do Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you draw a frame over the area of your screen that you want to record, or you could click on a specific program window that you want to capture.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Step 2

After you define the capture area, the recording interface will appear. At that point, you can adjust the frame by resizing and repositioning it, or by selecting a preset in the list on the interface. Additionally, you can choose the audio sources that you want to record, including audio from your speakers, a microphone, or some other device.


In many desktop screencasts, it helps to record keyboard and mouse actions, and Movavi Screen Capture Studio provides options for you to do so. It will let you adjust the frame rate, sound levels, and set a timer to automatically stop the recording after a specific duration as well.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Step 3

When you have set up the recording parameters, you can start and control the recording with the on-screen controls or the hotkeys in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Once you stop recording, you can review the footage and either save it then and there or open it in the built-in editor.

Assuming you opt to do the latter, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. These features can be extremely useful, especially if you want to trim out unnecessary footage, merge clips together, improve the video quality, add audio tracks, insert captions, include animated transitions, and so on.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Step 4

If one thing should be clear at this point it is the fact that Movavi Screen Capture Studio will not only let you record desktop screencasts but also equip you with the tools to edit them and turn them into professional-looking videos. In short, it should have everything you need, regardless of whether you want to document a bug report, capture a demonstration, or create an interesting video guide of your own.