The biggest development in the casino gambling came through in the early 90s with the start of the very first online casino. This transformation paved way for further development of the industry. Today, the United Kingdom has different types of casino games: slots, table games, video lottery terminals, etc. that are enjoyed by all gamblers, both in the UK and around the world.

In view of this, it is definitely a destination for many lovers of casino games that want to experience what it feels like to play with advanced and experienced gamblers.

Top Rated Casino Games in the UK

Trendy Casino Games in the UK

There are usually three kinds of casino games: table games, slot machines, and random number ticket lottery games. Whichever your choice of the game, the UK has it.
If you have been thinking about what kinds of casino games are being played in the UK, read the review below and decide for yourself what game to try the next time you visit a UK casino:


  1. Blackjack: This is the most widely played casino game. It involves comparing cards of a player and a dealer i. e. all players play against the dealer.
  2. Roulette: Roulette is an easy to understand game and it is among the oldest and the most popular 888 casino uk games played by most gamblers in Europe.
  3. Roulette players may choose to either stake on a single number or a range of high or low numbers. It is also possible to choose color (red or black) and whether a number is odd or even.
  4. Mega Moolah Progressive Slot: Arguably, this is the most popular progressive slot available for the UK gamblers, providing them with the biggest jackpots as well as great enjoyable theme.
  5. Kalooki: This is another popular casino game in the UK, played for the fun of it either at home or in the land-based casinos. Tournaments usually involve three to eight players.
  6. Major Millions Progressive Slot: Using a military theme, this progressive slot features wilds and scatters that help activate winning combinations for the players but without accessing the bonus games.
  7. Gladiator Progressive Slot: It has two attractive game bonus features, including a jackpot that is exceeding £500,000 to its players. It also offers 5 reels and 25 paylines.
  8. Sky Millions Progressive Slot: This is another 5-reel and 9-payline slot with some game symbols such as “Wild” which obviously increases any player’s chances of getting huge winnings.
  9. Scratch Cards: These instant win games are becoming more popular at every online casino. With a pound or two, a gambler’s life could change playing this quick thrill offer.
  10. Most Scratch Cards involve scratching a panel to show the hidden symbols. Three matching symbols could transform into an amazing prize reward for the player.

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The time is now for the travelers to plan their vacation activities. Either way, a punter’s journey will not be complete without trying out the rich gambling culture of the UK.