5 Unique Features of the Kik App

The Kik app is a great alternative to texting via SMS. It is trendy; it is free and fast catching up with the younger generation. A cross-platform application ideal for Smartphones, the Kik app can be used to send messages to either individuals or within a group, much like the Facebook or the Snapchat.  In fact the Kik app with its functional and intuitive interface makes chatting across the globe seen very easy and convenient. It is no wonder that today more and more teens are gravitating towards it.

What is the Kik app

It is an instant messenger based out of Canada which stands out from its other counterparts because of its privacy policy. It does not require a phone number but the users have to apply to register on it giving details of their:

  • Email address,
  • Date of birth and
  • A username.

It is currently the only application which requires so less personal information to register and sign up. What makes this application different from its contemporaries is probably the way it has been developed. Touted to be a hybrid of blackberry and Snapchat, the Kik app strives to combine the:

  • Fundamentals of an enterprise based communication for which blackberry was well-known, with
  • The fast-paced, modern, multi-featured and creative features which is so unique to Snapchat.

Features unique to the Kik app

The Kik app has certain features which make it unique in its own way yet also makes it seemingly similar to a host of other applications. The key features which make Kik app’s popularity grow by leaps and bounds are:

  • Live typing: This feature enables a person to see whenever the person he is chatting with is typing a reply. Hence the person is able to understand when he to expect a reply. This feature is of great help when an urgent reply is expected. It is also possible for a person to send a chat and then see whether the same has been delivered and read by the person concerned. The feature of live typing becomes even more significant when the Kik app is being used for business by small entrepreneurs for whom getting a quick reply for queries, requests, orders etc., is of great significance.
  • Friend invites: The process of sending invites to friends through the Kik app is an extremely easy process. Ways in which this can be achieved are:

o   By regular texts via SMS,


o   With the help of emails,

o   Through social network sites like Facebook and twitter etc.

In fact the Kik app is so user friendly that whenever a person joins Kik, a notification is sent to all those friends of his, who are already registered with Kik.

  • Kik code: Every user who gets registered with Kik or signs up for the use of this application, receives a code which is unique and can be accessed from the settings icon present on the left hand top corner of the chat tab. This Kik code is the gateway to the global community of Kik. Anyone and everyone can quickly and easily connect with a person registered with Kik using the Kik code. When a person accesses the Kik code of another, it opens up a chat which enables the person to send a chat to the other.
  • Kik bots: Kik app has something called the Kik bots which can be used by users to chat with one another. This feature is essentially targeted at the small and medium entrepreneur segment. Bots enable users to use certain keywords to promote brands thereby activating responses and enabling them to communicate with more clients effectively.
  • Kik browser: This is a feature offered by the Kik messenger wherein users are encouraged to stay within the application itself by offering internal application tools like sticker apps, games, dating style apps etc.

Of course the Kik app also incorporates within itself a host of other functionalities and tools which results in its versatility and utility across many different fields. It is similar to yet different from other chatting and messaging apps. For example, an app like Whatsapp also enables chatting and texting but it uses a phone number to connect whereas the Kik app uses the username to connect. This makes it a better option than Whatsapp since the user can maintain his anonymity.

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