There are so many slot games out there that it might seem difficult to figure out which ones to play. The Playojo casino review is certainly a good one upon which to rely, but we’ve also put together a solid list of some of the most popular slot games so far this year.

People have all different tastes and preferences when it comes to playing slots. Some prefer the traditional games while others want something more modern, hip, and as they might describe, exciting. Here’s a list of some great slot games for 2017 and you may find more details with a Playojo casino review, you also might find more at

Most Popular Slot Games in 2017

Theme Park

Net Entertainment has released yet another exciting theme park slot and this one is sure to be a favorite among fans of these types of slots. You’ll find some favorite carnival and theme park rides and games represented on the reels, including the classic Sledge Hammer, rollercoasters, and Skee Ball.

With some exciting bonus games and other features, including FREE SPINS, you’re sure to find some fun for the summer or any time of the year.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix has been one of the most renowned names in music, still, more than 40 years after his death. The artwork for this slot game may seem basic, but it harkens back (deliberately so) to a bygone era of free love, incredible music, and exciting and changing times.


This is a great slot to play because it offers generous bonuses and you’ll get the opportunity to have fun with those bonuses more often than you will with some other traditional slot games. Keep in mind, though, more bonus features doesn’t mean a higher payoff.

Big Bad Wolf

Most people know the traditional nursery rhyme The Big, Bad Wolf. Well, that story theme is the centerpiece of this fun casino slot. If the Big, Bad Wolf lands as a trio on a payline, you’ll get to enjoy the Quickspins bonus feature. If you get to see the pigs go totally wild, expect a really big payoff!

Karaoke Party

While no casino review of 2017 slot games would be complete with Karaoke Party, it brings people and their thoughts immediately to these thrilling bar scenes where people who can’t carry a tune to save their life mix with some incredible singers. You won’t have to worry about out of tune music with this slot game, though, only enjoying some great free spin features with a tripled multiplier. Now, isn’t that music to your ears?

Michael Jackson: King of Pop

Michael Jackson topped the charts for years and even several years after his sudden death, he continues to be one of the most popular entertainers in the world. The King of Pop has been the center of many slots through the years and you’ll be reminded over and over again of some of your favorite songs from this legendary entertainer. Oh, and when you get the bonus feature, be prepared to really Beat It … to the bank!