Marketing and brand awareness are the two underlying requirements of any business. But, the old and conventional ways of marketing a business are no longer useful in today’s business world where the proliferation of the digital devices has happened. Today, if you want to target the customers, you have to adopt the digital channels and social media platforms.

This is why, most marketers are nowadays using digital mediums to market their products and services, and are experimenting with the new ways of marketing such as E cig marketing, vape marketing and many more.

Social Media to Increase your Brand Awareness

Social media has become one of the best online places to target the customers, to interact with them and listen to what they are talking about. Over 90% of the marketers agree that promoting the brands and marketing the products & services will enable you to get more exposure for the brand which will eventually deliver the positive results.

The businesses which have not yet optimally utilized the marketing opportunities on the social media are certainly missing out on achieving the complete potential of their marketing campaigns. So, whether you are a startup or a well established business firm, you must boost your social media exposure for creating greater awareness for your products, services and brand.

Here are the top innovative ways you can use social media to increase your brand awareness.

To Interact With Your Existing and Potential Customers

Don’t focus your social media efforts only on posting the content, instead, one of the best uses of social media is that it allows you to interact with your customers directly.

Your content and campaign must be geared towards generating the engagement and interaction from your customers and social media community. Respond quickly to every content and every mention of your brands’ name, and respond to both positive and negative comments in a constructive manner.

Hold An Event

Irrespective of the business niche you hail from, old an event on the social media to get the attention of your prospects and clients. This event can be anything, an interaction session, running a workshop by a professional, or anything structured around the business.

A live event can give you valuable “face time”  with your potential customers and gives them an opportunity to experience the personality, look and feel of your brand.


Tap the Power of the Video Content

Video marketing is one of the best tools you can leverage on the social media to enhance our brand awareness, as videos offer maximum reach. Most of the customers today prefer watching the videos instead of the textual content.

The Facebook’s live video is now generating over 8 billion views daily, and it has surpassed the massive 5 billion daily views on YouTube. This clearly indicates that the video content can provide you the necessary attention from your prospects that you hav been looking for.

Content Marketing is Still the King

The idea of the content marketing has been delivering outstanding results to the marketers for years now, but, still, there are several businesses which haven’t tried it yet. Social media is an amazing place where you can post the engaging content to engross your targeted audience, and enhance the brand loyalty.

One can also use the power of social media to promote the content published on the websites to generate more leads, to increase the organic search results and to shorten the sales cycle.

Choose the Right Time For Posting the Content

Even if you are posting the high-quality content which will be loved by your audiences, you may not be able to get the desired results, and one of the biggest reasons behind this is the selection of wrong time for posting the content.

With the rate that social networks update their news feed, and so many other businesses also posting the content, your content might get supressed down due to the social media oblivion. Sometimes,the posted contents get pushed downward in the news feed so fast that the optimum number of users are not able to see it. So, the key is to post your content at the best time when most of your readers are online, and it will ensure that your content gets maximum attention.

Also, post more frequently and make your content so interesting that your targeted audience does not want to miss it.

Make Efficient Use of Flash Promotions

One of the most innovative ways of generating the social media exposure is to use the “Flash Promotions” wisely. Many digital marketers don’t use the flash promotions, but these can be very effective in generating the desired results from marketing.

Flash promotions can generate the required attention to your brand, reward your loyal followers, build the regular audiences and offer positive rewards to the ones who are most active in the social media.

If you are experiencing a slowdown in your sales, the flash promotions can be very helpful to increase the sales by generating the sufficient buzz about your brand, the current offers or any discount based deals.