Making international phone calls used to be a huge problem since the prices were so high that few people actually managed to afford the extra expense. Nowadays, everything is a lot simpler since prices are a lot lower. Even so, we cannot neglect the fact that most people end up paying too much for the international phone calls made with their mobile phones. Smartphones evolved to the point at which you can use them for whatever you want. You can even play online games with them. You can play from home and still experience live play due to technology so why think that there are no ways to make cheap international phone calls?

How to Make International Phone Calls with Your Mobile Phone and Save Money

The good news is that it is possible to save a lot and you can do this in many different ways. The bad news is that people just use their mobile phones without considering alternatives. Great options like free apps are not considered because people simply do not know about them. Because of this, let us mention some of the best ways in which you can save cash as you make international phone calls with the use of the mobile phone.

Using Pre-Dial Providers

Such a provider will offer a specific prefix that you enter before you make international phone calls. It is a great option for those that make overseas calls infrequently. You do not need accounts or broadband connections and you just use the prefix when you need to. Different prefixes are used for different countries. You would need to use them accordingly.

Making Phone Calls Over The Internet

Broadband internet access allows the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Many providers exist that offer overseas calling for prices that are incredibly low. However, connection costs or set-up costs will vary so you want to be sure that you research the available options.


The most popular service of this kind at the moment is Skype. It allows the customer to make a call from a computer or through an app installed on the mobile phone. Other providers will only offer a direct connection through a VoIP box added to the broadband modem.

The calls that are made to a landline from VoIP will be cheaper in most situations, making this option one that is incredibly popular.

Traveller Packages

When you travel overseas and you make calls with your mobile phone, costs can be kept down through international discount tariff. Some of the really well-known packages are O2 International Traveller Service and Orange World Traveller Service. Basically, every single provider has such a package. You want to ask about the rates though to be sure that you will know exactly how much you will pay. Also, such a package has to be added to the contract. Without the addition, much higher rates will apply to the international phone calls.

Pre-Paid Phone Cards

These are basically special phone cards that have codes you would use while making an international phone call with the use of the mobile phone. Based on where you want to call, some phone cards are much better than others. You need to be sure that you always compare the rates since prices will vary a lot from one provider to the next. The phone cards will include codes you use in order to get cheaper rates than what you would normally pay through the provider.

Know Your Options! Choose Wisely!

The four options highlighted above are the most popular but there may be others that exist and that you want to be aware of. As technology evolves, it is possible that new opportunities will appear. Make sure that you know all your options and that you make a very smart choice. You can save hundreds of dollars every single month when you make many international phone calls. However, this is only possible when you are patient and you choose your providers wisely.