It seems that we hear all the time of the death of PC gaming and the rise of mobile forms of entertainment, but still the PC is here. The new generation of consoles also dominate sales, yet the PC sits on the top of performance charts as the ultimate place to play games. So why is it that the desktop PC is still the ultimate place to play games?

The answer to this is simply the versatile nature of the platform. While consoles may be built for gaming, and feature hardware that is the best at time of production, consoles are already behind the race of technology. The PC is able to dominate because of the way you can just mix-and-match hardware and get the latest of technology in there.

The Rise and Resilience of PC Gaming

With the latest buzzwords like 4K gaming catching gamers interest, it is the PC that offers this, and provides the easiest route to it. This isn’t to say that consoles aren’t still a very good way to play games, or that the mobile gaming industry isn’t hugely successful, but in the end the PC is just the easiest place to play any game you want to play.


With the rise of social gaming, it was the PC that first took advantage of the ability to play against people all around the world. Casual gaming also grew on the PC first, especially in the form of smaller Facebook games that are free to play, though use in-game transactions as a way to make a profit. While these games do make the move to mobile devices, often the more complicated games feel more playable on a desktop device.

In the end, it is arguable to say that the desktop PC has stayed strong because it is the birth of many technologies we see in other devices. Consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One use many custom based PC style components to run games, and tablets and cell phones are just the same. Yes, we may not want to be stuck in front of a computer anymore, but to be at the cutting edge of technology it is the PC that offers this.

Whether it be the latest first-person shooter like Overwatch, or a more casual game such as play online roulette, the PC still offers the most versatile experience available to the player. It offers the best performance, the best graphics, and the ability to play in the comfort of your own home. What else would you ever need?