Setting up a website to try and sell your product or service has never been easier. Even adding an online store to your site is mostly taken care of by the latest add-ins available to you. What tends to come harder though is to get that actual sale, and to transform all your hard work on advertising into actual profit. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a small list of ways that you can market your product and convert this into a sale.

The Key to Success in Sales Conversions

Beware the Jargon

While this can sometimes be useful for the more advanced form of customer, to others jargon can be off-putting. To entice as many customers as possible to your product, simplify the language you use about your product or service and make sure your customer understands what you are selling.

The important thing when selling a product is to remember that you must respect the customer, and understand that they come in many forms. Don’t lose sales simply because you haven’t been clear about what you are selling.

Don’t Over Clutter the Site

To engage a user of your site fully you must give them an easy to use experience. The simple rule is to reduce the number of clicks they must perform to achieve what they want. This means that you need to keep your design simple and most importantly, keep it rewarding.

The most important thing you have to do for your customer is to keep them engaged in their journey to what they want to find. Make the site look good, and make it easy to get to the required destination and the ease of use will keep your customers coming back for more.



Discounts and other incentives work wonders in bringing the customer back. A good example of this is online game sites, for example which offer bonuses and free gameplay. There is an understanding between player and site where a balance is found between the offers that are made, and the engagement of the players themselves. Keep your customer coming back for more, and you will both reap the rewards in the end.

Understand the Power of Colour

This one should be common sense really, but colours can be everything when enticing customers to your site. A bright and welcoming design will make them feel at home, but a dark and depressing one won’t put them in the mood to spend money on your site. You may want to give your website a certain polished look, but don’t do this at the sacrifice of building a friendly experience.

Make an Understandable Statement

Let the customer know what service you are providing, and what is on sale for them. If your site feels like it has no clear message on what in fact is available, this will just confuse the customer. This is the key to success, so make sure you yourself understand what your message is so that you can then fully advertise this to your customers.

Hopefully these tips will help you in understanding the power of your website, and the potential that it holds. The focus must always be on making the customer understand what you are offering them, and then hopefully converting this into a successful sale.