The world is speeding up faster than ever before. People live, work and play online. With live streaming becoming feasible for companies and individuals, it is now much easier to find gamers and developers creating gaming models that deliver extraordinary user experience.

The Future of Online Gaming

Here are some trends that point to a bright future of the online gaming industry:

1. No pre-requisites

Anyone can sign up to online gaming portals and start a virtual journey. Usually the only details you need to fill in are your email address and a password and you are good to go.

This fact that anyone can join a virtual community democratizes it and means the growth of gaming will lead to diversity in the user pool.


2. A social experience

Gamers are no longer sitting in dimly lit rooms screaming at the walls when they lose a match in their favourite video game.

The gaming community is global. It is no longer looked down upon to be a gamer. No longer viewed as social outcasts, gamers now meet up in real life or in chat rooms dedicated to specific games.

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3. The battle of the sexes

Though gaming has always been a male-dominated field, the number of women in the online gaming industry has risen steadily and trends predict that the same will continue in the future. From developers to gamers, women are now everywhere. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are several games where the majority of players are women.

With the online gaming industry growing at an aggressive pace, there is no doubt that soon enough we will all find ourselves a part of varied virtual realities where entertainment will reach new heights.