Over the past few months we have seen first-hand the way that gaming has changed and evolved. Of course, we are talking about the Pokemon Go craze that swept across the whole world. It provided players with a different dimension when it came to gaming, and although the popularity has now died down since the initial hype, it could still be a sign of things to come in the future.

How we have seen Signs of a new Gaming World Developing

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) type of gaming, and the positives for players included that it was something different. Gaming that we have become accustomed too, such as playing your friend on FIFA on the console or experiencing the online casino from your mobile will never diminish, but AR gave a different twist to gaming as we knew it. Going out, searching, finding and always being on the move made it enjoyable and in the future we could see more AR gaming adopt a joyful and fun manner in order to maintain its fan base.


As well as AR, virtual reality (VR) is another form of gaming that has grown considerably over the years. For those of you that don’t know, VR gaming is where a person experiences being in a three-dimensional environment and interacts in the new surroundings during a game – again, making you more involved. Oculus have been at the forefront in producing games for the VR market, with many available for players now, and more on the horizon.

With some of the games already released, such as The Witcher, you can see how the complexity and technology involved in the VR gaming is only expanding and that is needed in order to attract and maintain players. It’s a further example of how gaming is changing, although it is even changing in the traditional methods. Many new players at Lucky Nugget Casino experience a different take on the big franchises and although the online casino, with games such as roulette and poker will still be fun, they will continue to adapt to the gaming market.

Overall, it is clear to see how the gaming world has changed, and the last few months have emphasised that. Inevitably, as technology improves, things will change. There will be options that we have never seen before, with VR and AR gaming both examples of that. It can only be good as the options increase for all of the gamers out there.