3 Best Software solutions for Businesses

Nobody enjoys having a good moan about computing failures and tech disasters more than stressed out office workers. From search engines crawling along at a snail’s pace to data losses from problems with saving data – any problems and they’ll be sure to let you and the world know about it.

With lots of issues to work on, cloud computing solutions for businesses have seen some major growth and development over recent years. The result is a corporate world that increasingly relies on integrated software and applications to manage even the most basic of tasks.

It’s all thanks to the developers that first listened to their problems and demands, and then created innovative but user-friendly solutions which proved impossible to resist. The following three areas have had the most widespread success with cloud-based software and are well worth a closer look.

Payroll services

Any problems with wages on payday are sure to get people riled up, so managing payrolls effectively and efficiently is a priority for any business. The new generation of payroll software is streamlining the entire process and has proved a popular investment for accounting departments across the globe.

Companies like Ceridian use the latest technology to pay staff, track working hours, provide analytical reports and ensure that business practices comply with laws and legislations regarding wages. It basically makes the heavy responsibility of managing payday a whole lot easier and less stressful.


Communication and collaboration

With businesses increasingly cottoning on to the advantages of co-working, tools to allow for easy and free collaboration between colleagues are in big demand. Google Drive has been revolutionary allowing multiple user access and editing of shared documents, and is such an integral part of working for so many people that it’s easy to forget how relatively new it is.

Cloud communication platforms are also becoming increasingly popular, meaning that the days of shouting across the office to get someone’s attention will soon be long gone. In-app voice and SMS messaging and more advanced group calling systems are the biggest benefits of such platforms, but communication software is an area that continues to grow and change.

Reducing security risks

Protecting networks and sensitive information is a priority for everyone today, especially business owners. We’ve all heard the horror stories about leaked data and stolen identities, and with an increasing dependence on cloud-based software we’re far more open to hacking threats.

An effective computing security system today involves much more than simple antivirus software. New cloud-based solutions like Qualys and White Hat Security aim to protect computers and IT networks, including added devices and apps. Most also track log-in details and manage the accessibility and security of confidential elements within a system.

These three areas have seen the most effective application of cloud-based solutions, but they aren’t the only ways businesses have benefitted from advancing software technology. Scheduling, time management, data storage, and payment processes have also been made easier and more efficient with the help of varying programmes and applications.