The most popular and top rated CMS, WordPress has been playing an imperative role in the evolution of the website development technology since its inception in 2003. The CMS allows designers and developers to build aesthetically appealing and fully functional websites in the least possible time.

However, what has sincerely contributed to the amazing popularity of WordPress accomplished in a decade only is its ease and simplicity that has brought to the table. It allows webmasters to add, edit, update and delete content on their websites merely by signing in their WordPress dashboard. Besides, the CMS has a bundle of outstanding themes and plugins, which are contributed by the huge community of WordPress.

Why choose WordPress for your online venture?

1. It’s absolutely free

No matter what type of online venture you are planning to launch, the fact that this CMS is 100% free and open source are extremely beneficial. Best of all, you no longer have to worry about hidden fees if your website becomes extremely popular than expected. WordPress is free and going to be free always.

2. Powerful right out of the box

Unlike other CMSs, WordPress allows you to integrate themes, plugins and widgets right after installation. That indicates you do not need to find, install, and setup a long list of extensions merely to get the necessary features of WordPress.

3. Scalability

The scalability of WordPress is yet another thing that makes it amazing and popular. Irrespective of the purpose of using WordPress, it is certainly versatile enough to meet any and all of your requisites through its exclusive features and extensions.

4. SEO friendly

Today, a majority of search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. prefer websites that are powered by this CMS since its framework is simple to crawl. As a matter of fact, Google’s Matt Cutts actually supported WordPress during WordCamp San Francisco 2009.

5. Customizable

Thanks to hundreds of themes and plugins offered by WordPress, you can customize the look and feel of your website with just one click of a button. Furthermore, because of the amazingly limitless number of features that it offers, you can build the blog or site that you’ve always wanted.

6. Easy to use

Another great feature of making use of WP is how simple and convenient it is to use. The CMS is easy to learn, intuitive and user-friendly. Also, you can comprehend how to use it and create a beautiful website with it in a matter of minutes.

7. Lots of support

WordPress also offers unparalleled support. This is in part to the substantial WordPress community where a webmaster can troubleshoot any question or query through the WordPress Forums.

Without further ado, let’s check the top WordPress development companies of 2016 to help you make the right decision when it comes to outsourcing your WordPress development needs.

1. WordSuccor Ltd.

WordSuccor Ltd.

WordSuccor is one of the most popular WordPress development companies that has been in business for more than 5 years. As they say “development is out obsession”, they have clearly and undoubtedly proven it with their extensive range of portfolio. The primary mission and vision of Wordsuccor Ltd. are to help webmasters to establish a successful online presence and improve their revenues. Their proficiency in the field of the WordPress development offers them the tendency to leverage the features of this CMS to its full glory. In fact, the best-in-class solutions rendered by them, meet all technical and formal requirements.

2. Stellen Infotech

Stellen Infotech

Stellen Infotech Pvt Ltd. was founded in the year 2011 to provide IT-related services to small to medium business owners so as to help them in restructuring their system, improving operational effectiveness, building a niche in ever-growing competition, while enhancing their overall productivity and profitability.

Stellen Infotech has acquired significant growth within a short span of time as a result of pure business ethics, professionalism and dedication. Not only they offer WordPress website development services but also deal in a variety of the services including WordPress plugin development, theme customization etc.

3. Value Coders

Value Coders

Recognized for their on-time delivery, what is remarkable about Value Coders is the fact that they can render the superior quality and best-in-class solutions depending on the client’s requisites in whatever time needed. With their knowledge and technical proficiency in WordPress website development services, conversion service, theme development, and plugin development, Value Coders are surely trustworthy.


4. Pixel Crayons

Pixel Crayons

Pixel Crayons is one of the most leading WordPress development companies that has been in business for more than 12 successful years. And the fact that makes them stand out from the rest is that they have managed to render their WordPress solutions to more than 38 nations and 4000 organizations globally and they have also bagged many awards for their work in the field of WordPress website designing.

5. MarkupHq


MarkupHq is a well-known WordPress website development company that also offers a world-class PSD to WordPress services. Markuphq has excelled at the WordPress website designing and development services. They are also known for rendering competitive pricing for their services.

6. Big Drop

Big Drop

Big Drop is yet another popular and well-known name in the field of WordPress development. The company happens to be an organization that completely enjoys the personalization that a user has on WordPress and their enthusiasm helps them preserve the top 10 position for WordPress website development. They also offer continuous support and maintenance services for their clients.

7. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media has many awards and positive feedback from previous clients under its belt that has gained it a top position in the list of the top WordPress development company. The major benefit of this company is that not only Blue Fountain Media invests their work and time in Website development over WordPress but also in internet marketing so they incorporate the marketing and designing of the website in their solutions.

8. Maxburst


Maxburst is a highly reputable and remarkable WordPress development company that has excellent proficiency in developing world-class, feature-rich and visually stunning websites at affordable rates. Maxburst is recognized for its development skills abreast with developing custom web styles. Having an extensive knowledge of dealing with numerous clients at the same time, Maxburst render the best solutions in an extremely short span of time.

9. Old city Press

Old city Press

The Old City press is a reputable WordPress design and development company which manages to leave a remarkable impression on the minds of people and offers best possible solutions to each and every client they work with. They believe in quality services whether it’s for an organization or an individual. Whether you are a small business with a small project or a large organization with large scale project, Old City Press has got you covered.

10. HireWPGeeks


Introduced in the year 2010, HireWPGeeks has worked with an array of client ranging from very small to medium, small to large and extremely large web organizations. Being a home to 75+ WordPress developers, the company strives hard to render superior quality projects that land on their development table. HireWPGeeks is known for its state-of-the-art tools and updated technologies. The development team of this company always goes the extra mile to create efficient roadmaps to implement and render projects even with the highest level of complexity and fastest turnaround time.

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