In this hi-tech world we live in it seems that innovations in technology is forever changing the way we are entertained. Whether it is the games we play, the music we listen to, or the television we watch, it just keeps on getting better.

Technical Innovations that Have Revitalised Industries

With the ever increasing speeds of the internet and the increasing power of our gadgets, the world of entertainment is continually being revitalised. Here are some of the ways this is happening around us all the time:


Some of us may remember the controversial nature of Napster and other file sharing services. It made it possible to download any music we wanted, but the big problem was that to do it in that manner was illegal. Thankfully now we have services such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Apple Music which allow us to stream and download music legally. With greater internet speeds we also have the ability to listen to our music in better and better qualities too so they sound even better on our state of the art sound systems.



Netflix and Amazon Prime are two services that have pushed the ability to watch television and movies on the internet, and most importantly be able to do it legally. With the ever changing world of technology the quality of these services is getting better and better, even to the heights of 4K streaming if you have the devices that can handle it.

It shows the power of these streaming services when new popular shows debut on them. The ability to binge watch shows like Orange is the New Black, Daredevil and House of Cards is showing the true power of streaming and is competing with the more traditional forms of television.


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