We all know the horror stories of identity theft, but often live in the delusional belief that it won’t happen to us. The fact is though we live in an online world that is full of dangers, and if we aren’t protecting ourselves there are many dangers ready to attack.

With this in mind we’ve put together some simple online security tips that we should all follow. While we can still do more to keep ourselves protected, these are a few things we can do to at least start that protection:

Simple Online Security Tips to Follow

Always Update your Computer

While the constant reminders of system updates can often be annoying, there is a very important reason we should always apply them. These updates, especially to online security software provide the most up to date protection for users when online. New viruses and malware are created every day and weaknesses in security software are discovered. To stay as protected as possible, keep your computer up to date and always apply those updates that appear asking for your confirmation.

Use Firewalls and Virus Checkers

This may seem like a tip that we don’t need to give, but the fact is that some people don’t feel the need to do this. Antivirus and mobile security can often lead to an easier life to not have a firewall getting in the way of some online or mobile games, or have virus checkers slowing things down. That is of course until your computer or mobile is hijacked and a hacker has access to your important files.


Be Vigilant When Browsing the Web

When you are browsing the internet, sometimes there are places you find yourself that you really shouldn’t have ventured into. These are the places where malware can find its way into your computer. With this in mind, always be vigilant when opening strange emails, if in doubt be sure to never click on links that you don’t trust. The key is to never click or download anything that seems suspicious, as often your worries can come to fruition.

Password Strength

When it comes to your home network remember to password everything, and don’t leave anything open to outside access. You can download useful anti-hacking tools from Logdog, and keep your passwords strong, your WIFI access stronger and you’ll hopefully be protected from people trying to hack their way into your home network.

Online Storage is Not Evil

As long as your online storage is sufficiently protected it can be a lifesaver for if anything goes wrong. Keep your files backed up online in case anything goes wrong and you’ll be ready for anything that can happen.

The key to being safe online is to follow your instincts and to question everything. If you feel the need to password protect things, chances are that would be a good idea. It is always important to protect yourself from the outside world, so that you can enjoy the internet without any worries, so always make security a priority.