Online gaming is huge, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down. With improving connection screens and better technology, there seems to be no end to what we can achieve. Whether you are a MOBA fan or prefer to change pace with bingo games there are plenty of options available. You can now even stream your gameplay around the world.

With this kind of growth, there are always some shocking facts about how this has changed gaming. Listed below are a few of these, which to some may not be shocking at all:

Shocking Facts About the Online Gaming Industry

Online Gaming Has Trebled Since 2005

The end of 2015 saw an online gaming market which was hitting $41.4 billion dollars, which opens our eyes to just how profitable it can be. When we think back to 2005 though when it was worth $13.8 million this really shows how things are changing when it comes to online gaming, and why big companies are taking notice.

Online Sales Continue to Grow


The amount of games we buy online is continually growing. To give an idea of this growth, in 2012 the amount we spent online was $24 billion, and by the end of 2017 it is expected to reach $40. Reasons for this escalated growth are put down to the rise of “free-to-play” games and microtransactions which are included. No wonder major game companies are taking advantage in this market.

Over 50% of Gamers Are Female

While gaming is often seen as a male dominated past-time, it appears that this is not the case. In fact, 52% of gamers are said to be female. This should open our eyes up to the fact that we all enjoy games, and put an end to the stereotypical “gamer” ideals that seem to be so prevalent these days.

Online Gambling Has Pushed Social Gaming to its Success

With the UK’s online gambling sector rising to over $2 billion, it is evident that this form of online game is popular. What this sector has also done though is taken the impetus when it comes to social gaming, and made the best use of it.

Maybe the most shocking facts that come out of online gaming is the vast amounts of money that is being made. With this continuing to grow, one thing we can be sure of is the fact that the future of online gaming seems very bright indeed.