The Internet has changed the face of entertainment forever. It has given us access to television shows and movies instantly, as well as all the music we would ever need. It has also provided us with the ability to sociably play games with anybody all over the world.

One drawback with playing online has still been that it feels like a lonely form of play, but not anymore. With the rise of YouTube and Twitch as live streaming platforms, gameplay is becoming a form of entertainment that brings communities together. Whether it be single-player games, multi-player games, or even just conversations about games these platforms offer the ability to interact with the people who are playing the games.

How Live Streaming Changed Entertainment

Live streaming is growing hugely on the Internet, especially as the ability to stream at greater speeds has become available. There are many ways to stream, even enjoying bingo as the pastime and poker games are big business, streaming live to the world. It may have some way to go as a form of entertainment but streaming is here to stay.


You just have to look at Twitch or YouTube to see the power of live streaming,to check if your internet connection can stream, test internet speed using Speedcheck and watch the industry adapt. With buzzwords such as “content providers” and “influencers” thrown around, the people who stream their gameplay are now becoming a profitable asset. The fact that these players can also allow their viewers to “subscribe” to their channel, and also accept donations shows the money making ability that is now available.

It is questionable how long the bubble around live streaming can last in this fashion, especially for those who are making a living off full time streaming. With eSports events live streamed though, and the confidence of the games industry in live streaming, for now there is money to be made. While this is a truth, it appears that live streaming will remain a strong form of entertainment.