The world of gaming can be a controversial place at times. If we believed half of the campaigns, we see on social media it would be safe to assume that gaming is a male dominated past-time and women are trying to encroach on this fun. This misconception though is far from the truth and proof that you should not believe everything you read on the internet.

Female Gamers on the Rise!

Gaming is a pastime that comes in many different forms, and this welcomes different types of gamers. With the latest statistics revealing that 52% of gamers are in fact female, it is safe to say that half of gamers are male, half female. What games do these females play? It depends on what they like. While mobile gaming does offer more intellectual games, which is said to be the style of games females like, this is not just the style of games that they like.


The fact is, male or female we all have a certain taste in games. All you have to do is to take a look at game streaming sites such as Facebook and YouTube to get a view on the gaming community and what people like to play. On these sites you’ll see female gamers playing first-person shooters such as CS: Go, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and newer titles such as Overwatch. Does this threaten a male dominance of gaming? The simple answer to this is no.

When we look at games, there are many types out there and the genres are growing. Whether you are male or female, and like to try different casino games, MOBA games, strategy, first-person shooters, the list goes on. There are also retro games that harken back to the good old days of the Super Nintendo and Megadrive if that suits your taste.

So yes, statistics say that there is a rise in female gamers, and this is not a bad thing. With the growth of online gaming and the rise in games to fit all states, it is no wonder that more females are playing games. If the games industry is to remain strong, this is a fact that should be embraced, and hopefully it is without it causing too much controversy.