As a budding app developer you may have a particular niche in which you excel, but if you really want to make a name for yourself, you should know which apps people are downloading most by category. With all the buzz in recent months on all the health and fitness apps out there, you’d think that would be in first place, right? Wrong! Here are some interesting 2016 download stats on iPhone apps based on research compiled by Statista. Wonder where music and gaming like mFortune bingo come in? Read on…

Can You Guess Which Apps Consumers Love Best

10. Music

Oddly, music just made it to the top ten apps downloaded so far in 2016 as reported by the Apple App Store. With all the music lovers out there you’d think iTunes would win out, but maybe that’s because of the inclusions in their iOS? Even so, music apps were even topped by education and utilities, which is really quite surprising!

9. Health and Fitness

Here’s where Statista ranks health and fitness apps in the Apple App Store, but all eyes are on this niche now that Apple has released the developer’s dream tools, CareKit. This handy open source tool kit allows developers to create apps to be used by patients, physicians, hospitals and even just fitness oriented consumers. Look for this category to begin moving up the ranks.

8. Books

Ah, who could spend a day without their Kindle reader for iPhone? With tens of thousands of books out there just waiting to be read, no wonder books come in within the top ten most favourite categories of apps being downloaded.

7. Travel

Here you can find anything from currency conversion to tipping apps to maps to chart your journey. Travel is a biggie and amazingly even beats out music. Millennials must be a mobile lot!


6. Utilities

Always the productive society, utilities are readily available to make almost anything you want to accomplish much easier. From flashlights to weather apps, there is something to help you do almost anything you need to do in everyday life.

5. Entertainment

With Hulu and Netflix the ever-popular favourites in the App Store, it’s no wonder these apps fall in 5th place. Who doesn’t love to follow their favourite episodes or watch a good film when travelling or just plain bored? This category comes as no surprise to be rated in the top ten.

4. Lifestyle

From texting apps to getting your daily horoscope delivered right to your iPhone, Lifestyle apps are fun and entertaining. A great way to stay in touch with friends, family and really, with everything that’s going on around you in life.

3. Education

Here’s a shocker! There must be more students and consumers eager to learn out there than anyone ever accounted for. From language learners to brain teasers, this is certainly cool to know about today’s consumer – a thirst for knowledge is a really wonderful thing.

2. Business

Yes, today’s consumer is all about making money so of course business apps like Dragon Dictation and Adobe Reader are apropos. Looking to be more productive on the job? Dictate with dragon instead of typing and for the ultimate in cross-platform readers, Adobe owns the market.

1. Games

And here you have the most downloaded category of 2016 – games! Although we work hard, we play hard as well and it really should not be a shocker that games are the most downloaded types of apps from the Apple App Store. In fact, if you look at Android stats, games will probably be high on the list there as well.

So all you budding developers out there, if you really want to go somewhere in your industry, keep an eye on consumer trends. Focus your energy there and you’ll find your niche within the market or you really aren’t looking. These stats should get you started. Now just put your knowledge to work and you’ll have the whole package. Good luck!