Myth of Entrepreneur Sales Enablement Software

The latest addition in marketing technology is very broad. Yes, it very broad that it went on to earn the “Supergraphic” Moniker. With this fact, the sales enablement softwareis squeezed between easy categories and segment including marketing automation and social media in one category. Analysts favor this term, and it is called both the “Sales Acceleration” and “Sales Force Automation”.  But why is sales enablement is considered as a marketing technology?

Getting to Basics

First, let us start with how sales teams are prepped. It may be surprising to you, but the marketing executives manage 24% of inbound sales reps. Adding to that are more than a few crossover executives heading both sales and marketing.

Marketing is involved in sales and because of the change in the behavior of buyers. Yes, B2B buyers now go through 60% of the purchase process before contacting sales reps. The methodologies of inbound marketing changed right according to this with emphasis on making it easy for prospects to find and see B2B products without contact with sales.

Getting to Basics

Best Sales Rep are Also Changing

The Inside sales rep are charging, and they are shifting the emphasis from sellers, qualifiers, to educators and experts. Moreover, the Great sales rep is a bit curious about their prospects in an attempt to understate, if there is Sales Enablement Softwareis a fit for them and will it offer them great value or not.

We see marketers use the technology for adapting to make a sales rep even more successful. An example can be taken from call tracking software traces from the origin of every inbound call. This made it easy for marketing is to measure the value of their marketing investment regarding phone leads and ROI. However, the process also extends to the sales rep, the ability to see info about callers. This included the buyer intent and important contextual CRM data.

This fact added up sales enablement as the key element of B2B marketing. Therefore, the basic idea of using sales enablement software is to make sure every single piece of marketing is a stack. Whatever it may, Marketing automation, inbound call tracking or business intelligence software, it’s all chosen with sales enablement in mind. Just like ProProfs sales enablement software can be used to boost the sales by creating winning content.


Busting the Biggest Myths

The concept of the Sales Enablement Software has a bright future. In the short time since its introduction, it’s become a market favorite. This called in for the myths that tell people exactly what they want to hear. Considering that, we are bursting some common bubbles here.

Busting the Biggest Myths

  • Search Replaces Content Curation

Search is an important feature in robust sales enablement software. With the advanced data science and machine learning search getting powerful and accurate, do not believe that search will replace marketing and sales role and content curations. The fact is vendors are saying what they wanted to hear; namely, they can leave all content to repositories and use the search to find relevant documents in the chaos, but that is not possible.

  • CRM Content Targeting can replace Searching and Browsing

Targeting content within CRM lead, contact, account and opportunity records are a great feature in this platform. This feature is the sales playbook or content targeting. On first glance, the ideal appears to be great; the sales team no longer need to search or browse for content as the most effective content will itself be pushed to them according to the situation. The content targeting is powerful, and it saves time as it focuses on sales rep on relevant content. We all have witnessed great success with different rules and contact included action plans by stake or main pitch decks or even the right price sheet. However, this is not the only way to find content.

  • Manual Tagging Content is Sustainable and Scalable

You have an abundance of context which deserves to be shared, but needs to be managed first. There may be the easy option if it is possible to tag each and every thing. It is not that hard, just figure the perfect tags you should use. You can name everything with something handy. You can name it with a set of product it covers and its relevant technology to the region where it applies.

We cared to ask people who tried it, they all lead to the same results, and after they had used the sales enablement softwarefor some time, the results they got were nothing more than dismay.

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