Introduced at 2014 I/O Conference, Material design has since then gained a lot of credence among all the genres of designing. This is an incredible new language which helps to design fascinating interfaces as it systematically addresses a lot of issues we as designers face on a daily basis.

The best part is that there is an online documentation available, and this is very good to encourage newbie designers as it renders a lot of insight on how the material design functions. Another great thing is that there is a wide berth of tutorials that helps the developers to get to know more about the

new design technique to make the designs more innovative and intriguing. Apart from this, you also get design trends that tell us about what all things you need to do and what all you need to avoid. It also comprises of things such as animations to a placement of buttons.

It is a new approach to revamping the way we design our websites which encompass interaction states, an element of UI and other elements.

Three Principles

The core values of Material Design is not something away out of league thing but can be regarded as the evolution of the current design trends.

  • Material is the metaphor
  • Be bold, graphic, intentional
  • Provide meaning with motion

Material is the metaphor

Though a lot of people certainly think that it is just a progressive level of flat design, there is more to it what meets with the eye. It is an altogether a new standard that provides new roots to skeuomorphism.

However, the intentional, bold and graphical components offer design language a signature look. They certainly render clear aesthetics, and this is the reason it is trending.

An all new path for Google

This is the first time that Google has stepped into the designing world and certainly they have nailed it. Though they tried to enter into the designing phase, it was still not such a very prominent thing. So all the eyes were on Google when it entered into the designing phase, and they are delving deeper to get into the intricacies of designing. After launching Material, Design Google is supposedly trying to get a strong hold in the field if designing as well.

Although this was something a very new thing in which Google has entered, they have shown that they are the stalwarts of the web.

Moving to the intuitive level

Edges and surfaces give away visual cues that aim to render a quite realistic experience. They have used those attributes that have a direct impact on the primal part of the brain and helps the users to relate these things that we see around.


Moving to the intuitive level

Matching the Hardware Capabilities

Do you remember how computers used to look back in the nineties? Well, there is a drastic change in the way our interfaces used to look and how do they look now. Technology has changed and has given us so better looking interfaces since then. They have now become more life like and all working on a computer thing is gradually fading away. Be it the normal DOS screens or the very first smartphones no incorporated shadows or used nice colors.

Material Deign is a new improved version of the regular design pattern used in the current technological space. The material design relies on the science of physics to place things such as movements, animations or shadows. The best thing is that the technology is so evolved that it allows them to do so. This design language is completely different from all the other design languages that we have as they are still based on the older technology and do not offer that kind of flexibility and feature support.

Rendering Animations on a shared platform

Material design offers all the actions to be taken place in a single environment. All the objects that are rendered to the users seamless without breaking the continuity even when they are reorganized and are transformed.

Rendering Animations on a shared platform

More to it than a Flat Design

Material design is not a flat design, and the best thing about this is that it is inspired from the entities of the real world. It was known as Material design as it has been designed after taking inspiration from the materials existing around us.

This is something phenomenal as this technology is based on real things and not on inanimate technical things. As we know that our hardware technology is growing so fiercely, due to this the difference between the real and digital is bridging. User Interfaces are now becoming more natural. Apparently, we have seen that this trend to be quite booming and eventually we will see that this trend will certainly swell in the forthcoming year.

Wrapping up!

It has obviously not been aeon since Material Design was launched but still it has gained a lot of popularity in the development world. There are ample lot of study material that is present online using which you can easily develop remarkable designs for the web as well as your mobile screens.

Author Signature: Maria Mincey, Software developer at Xicom Technologies software development company. They deliver comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.