For small businesses, it is important to promote the brand at every opportunity because there isn’t the marketing budget to buy TV advertising spots or take out full-page adverts in glossy magazines.

few suggestions for ways to promote

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Here are a few suggestions for ways to promote a brand more actively.

Where and How to Incorporate Brand Imagery for Marketing

1. Website Promotion

Whilst just about every business today has a website, few companies manage to do a particularly good job of presenting their brand in a way that is memorable. In many cases, the brand logo is too small to see clearly and the slogan under it is even smaller. Depending on the size of the viewing screen, it can be hard to make out what the company name actually is. Increase the logo size to make a clearer impression even if the marketing slogan has to go to create space.

2. Create Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to present some simple, useful information in a visual way. These nifty little images can be shared widely and published freely on many websites in the same niche (such as that of junk cars). For branding purposes, the great thing about an infographic is that the brand of the website or business that developed it can be placed prominently.

3. Brand the Company Cars

The company cars that executives often receive as a perk of the job can be branded with the company logo. The interior can use the u-pol raptor bed liner kit to make them more attractive inside. Make sure that both the company logo and the marketing slogan get pride of place on both sides of the vehicle.


4. Press Kits

Create press kits for reporters who cover the industry that the business is operating in. Include stickers for their car and a mug that they can use in the office. Make sure other people start to see your brand and people begin to think about it.

5. Sponsor Industry Events

Whether it is a trade event or an online event that is attended by many movers and shakers in the industry, find out how you can sponsor the event and get your brand prominently displayed. Whilst the placement may not be as large as the sponsors with deeper pockets, it will still look good alongside the huge players in the industry.

6. Advertise to the Right Demographic

Use Facebook to connect with the right demographic of people who are members of Facebook groups covering the niche or industry where the business operates. It is possible to advertise with your branding shown prominently to groups of Facebook users who are deeply passionate about this niche.

7. Market on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking site focused around sharing images. There are certain types of images that work best with Pinterest. It is a good way to offer something of value and include your brand logo within the image. Pinterest users won’t mind as long as it is great content that is being shared.

8. T-shirt Giveaway

Giving away a free t-shirt adorned with the company brand can be an effective way to get a lot of free advertising. Many people cannot resist a free t-shirt and will happily wear it around town. Hundreds of walking advertisements for the wholesale price of a t-shirt is pretty inexpensive to do. A t-shirt can be included with each customer order to get the ball rolling.

The more effective the marketing is, the more widely known the company brand will become. With increased brand awareness typically comes an increase in customer orders too.