Nowadays online visibility of any business decides the success rate of it. Considering the features of the website is important, and if you are not an expert in this field, then you need to choose WordPress. Multiple reasons recommend the use of WordPress, for those who do not have technical skills, which include the efficient administration framework. The mainstream CMS of WordPress makes it a perfect choice for the experienced and amateur professionals. Choosing the best WordPress theme would only help you in exploring all the benefits of using this platform.

Here are the best 5 premium themes that ruled in 2015, and would come handy if you are hunting for WordPress themes.

  1. Avada

Avada - 5 WordPress Premium Themes in 2015

Avada has features like excellent flexibility, hyper-cleanliness and it’s highly responsiveness make the theme top the list of everyone. This is a multipurpose theme and offers infinite possibilities. The support provided by the theme is first-rate and the users can enjoy the lifetime support for free. What makes the theme, even more, alluring is the fact that it is very easy to use. This innate theme is all set for use out of the box, and if you want something unique and innovative, then you can play on the theme. Avada is built with HTML5 and CSS3 and is a theme that is very delight to use. You can choose Avada for all sorts of sites as a business, corporate, blogs and what not!

  1. OShine


This theme is visually stunning, interactive, and pleasing. The dynamic theme of OShine is a multipurpose theme, with the responsive multi-layout. This theme is creative and designed to be eloquent. This happens to be the one-stop solution for a wide array of website apps, from the huge corporates to the personal blogs. The site has the capabilities for a static website, single page site, or static webpage. The theme requires no coding skills to create any of these. The demos are inbuilt that helps a great way to seamlessly create the webpages of all sorts.

  1. X Theme

X Theme


Name a feature you require for creating a page or site in WordPress, the X theme has it. Once you have bought this theme, you need not think to go for anything else, even in the long years to come, for there are so many designs for any niche or website. The theme has stacks, which are separate themes included in the same theme. Whenever a new stack is added, the users can choose one from there. The existence of stacks makes sure that you never create similar looking sites. So, it is easy to come with a unique design faster every time. The users can create and customize anything like logos, sidebars, menus, headers and footers, with no absolute requirement for coding knowledge.


web website builder is one of the themes that would help you save time and money simultaneously. The setup has no fee, and there is also no commitment for long periods. With over 2500 designs, the users of this theme certainly would come up with innovative creations when it happens each time. The theme is ideal for the business owners of small scales, and the individual users who do not want to get attached to the frills, and would love to manage the site themselves. One of the pros of choosing is that the theme is easy to use. Read this review to know the actual customer and user experiences, and what you can expect from this theme.

  1. Salient


This is completely responsive, ultra sleek design, with an impressive list of features. When you start scrolling the page, the logo and the header are shrunk together, which is a noteworthy feature of this theme. The jQuery feature is another attractive characteristic of the theme, and the shortcodes that are created with care by the designers, make it easy for the users to add pages or post 3 various sizes, and with different columns and pricing tables. The home page templates are offering the users to come up with different styles each time.

All these WordPress themes are the intuitive tools that can make your website attractive and functional within no time.