HTML5 – the next generation mark-up language may not be something completely new to web developers, but it does bring a number of additional tags and features for developing spectacular websites. For instance, cross platform support is one of the most prominent features of this language, which is one of the many reasons for its growing popularity.

Easier said than done, there are various aspects of developing a website from scratch. To save time, web developers rely on different tools, which make their tasks easier. Talking about HTML5 in particular, here is a list of tools, which should be an essential part of every web developer’s toolbox.

Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate CC

First up we have Adobe Edge Animate CC. Available for a 30-day trial period, you can download it from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Used in websites, digital publishing and rich media advertising, the tool brings to the table numerous features that help you create interactive HTML animations.

Some of the features that you need to know about this tool include but are not limited to -

  • On-stage text editing instead of pop-up window
  • Reduced supporting runtime size
  • No dependencies on third-party libraries
  • Custom folders to save scripts, media and images
  • Lesser number of project output files to manage
  • Option to import Sprite sheet from other design tools

These features will make it a breeze for you to create functional websites from scratch and also, stay organized while working on your future HTML5 project(s).

Font Dragr

Font Dragr

Choosing the right font for a website is a must for any web developer. For instance, a font that works for a corporate website may not gel well with a font on a website for toddlers. This is why selection of a font and checking whether it looks good on the website or not is of prime importance in website design and development.

This is where font dragr comes immensely handy. It lets you easily and quickly test custom fonts on a website, which is otherwise a tiresome process. The tool is also useful for those who do not have any knowledge of CSS coding and need an easy way out when it comes to the selection of apt fonts for their website(s).

To use the tool, drag and drop any font file of your choice from your computer into font dragr in the browsers that support it. As an alternative, choose a test font from the gallery, which can be tested in a large number of web browsers.

You can also install bookmarklet to test the font on any website in easy steps. Begin by loading the font dragr bookmarklet in the website, on which you want to test fonts. Once the boookmarklet loads, you will be able to view it at the top of the browser window. Proceed to drag and drop any font from your files or from the gallery on the bookmarklet. The font will automatically be applied to the body element on the website. That’s it!

You can also target different elements on the web page using CSS selectors with the bookmarklet and test custom font by selecting a section of the text on the website.



As a web developer, nothing can be as cumbersome as having to rewrite an entire piece of code due to a tiny error. This problem becomes all the more aggravated when you work independently, without having a testing team to find erroneous code.

LiveWeave acts as a testing ground for your HTML5 codes and helps you avoid mistakes, which can prove to be costly in the long run. The tool can also be used to test JavaScript and CSS3 codes, which is a boon for those who want to develop large, complex websites.


One of the most interesting parts of the tool is – context-sensitive auto complete feature, which saves your time and makes testing the code a breeze. Compare this to the endlessly staring at screens to discover a faulty line of code!

The tool can be used on any mainstream browser and is free of cost.

Purple Composer

Purple Composer

A design module of the Purple Publishing Suite, Purple Composer offers a lot of convenience when it comes to HTML5 animations. From interactive app contents to native app output, it is a useful tool to have in your toolbox.

The free tool lets you create some of the most effective and complex animations for various platforms. You can also use it to create interactions quickly and easily without the complexities involved in programming. Import options and keyframe animations are two other important highlights of this tool.

All this makes the tool a favorite for newbie web developers who may not have coding expertise. Simply download the tool and get started with your latest project!



A web runtime tool, CrossWalk also has the features of a modern browser. The tool is often used by developers to create outstanding, interactive HTML5 applications. While there are numerous features and functionalities offered by this tool, some of the major highlights are –

ü  It reduces Android device fragmentation with its consistent behavior.

ü  You can use the latest web APIs, which in turn provides a feature-rich experience on the latest Android devices.

ü  Debugging becomes easy with Chrome DevTools.

ü  You can use it and improve HTML, CSS and JavaScript performances.

The best part of the tool is that it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Apache Cordova. A must-have if you are looking forward to trying your hand at something unique!

Google Swiffy

Google Swiffy

When it comes to useful HTML5 tools, Google Swiffy should definitely be on every developer’s checklist. It is a simple converter tool which converts Flash into HTML5. All you got to do is to upload SWF files and the tool will automatically convert it. You will get the converted file with a preview as well as a link to download the new HTML5 file. This tool enables you to create websites for mobile users as mobile devices do not support Flash.

As an alternative, you can also opt for the Google Swiffy Extension for Adobe Flash Professional. It lets you publish to HTML5 from Flash. The advantage here is that it Swiffy is accessed as a web service and therefore, you are always using the most recent version of the tool.

The tool is available for free on Google Developers website.

Calling it a day

These are some of the top HTML5 tools, which need to be there in your toolbox. At the end of the day, it is your call to pick and choose the ones that will help you in creating stellar websites and applications and saving your time and efforts. Do you know about any other tool, which is as useful? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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