The world of technology has made the future of teens very unpredictable. Sometimes, there are inappropriate steps taken by them during their teenage, which result in a negative impact for the lifetime. Your responsibility is to know the activities of your teenagers to help them not getting dullness in their future. The mobile phone of your kids should be tracked because it is the device with which the kids spend most of the time and do the activities, which might not be known to you.

Some potentially unsafe apps on your teen’s mobile, which require your immediate consideration, are:

Potentially Unsafe Applications in your Teen’s Mobile

1)      SnapChat: This is the way through which your children can send multimedia messages (pictures and videos) to the sender and this image goes off within a few seconds. Children share above age messages and post ‘Snap’ data with their mates to get enjoyment.

2)      Poof: Poof allows users to conceal all the apps on any mobile. If your child doesn’t want you to see the apps installed on their mobile, poof is a solution for them to do so. Your child has a way to hide his/her phone contents from you with this app.

3)      Blendr: It is a flirting and dating app for meeting new people through GPS location tracking. Children send messages, pictures, videos and even rate hotness level of other users. It doesn’t require any registration and hence, minors use it freely on their mobile phones.

4)      Tinder: Tinder can be helpful for dating and hooking up. Users can take it as a great way to interact with new people to talk about their fantasies. It even leads to cyber bullying and above age text messaging issues.


5)      Kik Messenger: This IM has 100 million users and can exchange pictures and videos of any type. Teens might use it as a way to expose videos and pictures. It can’t be tracked by general mobile trackers.

6)      Down: It is a FB connected app and used in tagging friends with UP or DOWN status for hooking up. Kids use it as a base to tag their mates as personal status candidates and it leads to anxiety among the opposite users.

7)      Whisper: It is an app used for anonymous confessions and it works in the way to reveal text over any picture to display the feelings of user behind that particular picture. Kids are often seen posting pictures of other children with bad remarks or comments over it, which can be a form of cyber bullying. It leads to loss of self-confidence of fair kids and makes them feel awkward all the time.

8)      Yik Yak: This app is used for posting 200 characters (called Yak) and it can be read by all the people included in your circle. Children usually spread illegal content through this app, which leads to their brain wash.

9) This app is a popular social network used by kids for their personal Q & A rounds. Kids can ask questions from others by remaining anonymous. It can be a form of cyber bullying or texting before the right age.

10)   Omegle: Omegle is used for the purpose of video chatting. Kids interact with strangers’ miles away from them through this app. It creates problems when strangers try to meet teens and it could be very dangerous.

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