The social media traffic report of Shareaholics states that the overall traffic in December 2014 was driven to 31.24% from 22.71% in a span of a year, with the help of eight social platforms, namely – Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Google+. So what do you understand from the above report? This means that you are going to miss a big share of potential web traffic if you are not actively participating on social media sites, as a part of your marketing technique.

The data at Shareaholics comes from a network of more than 300000 websites, which reaches out to more than 400 million global visitors monthly. When we simply analyze the data it tells us about the huge traffic they are facing.

How To Increase Web Traffic By 200% Using Social Media Audit

If the number of visitors on your social media sites is less, then you can increase your traffic upto 200% by following the tips:

Write down your presence

Before you start to check out your performance on social media platforms. It is better to prepare a document on the reasons why you are doing this and where you are. You can even use a spreadsheet for the same and record the following things

  • List of platforms where you are present
  • The profile URL
  • People who have access to such accounts
  • Number of fan following
  • The last time when the profile was updated
  • Type of the content shared on the site
  • Follower engagement

When we look above, we may feel that all of them are very simple tasks, but here you need to include the profiles that you have left, as well as the ones that are run in your name by others. Now the main aim of your audit should be to close all such branched profiles so that you can have a cohesive online presence.

Know your space

Once you know how your presence is on social media sites now its time to know your competitors. Try to know what they are doing on the social media and follow the above process for them. It may be difficult to answer all the questions. Still, you can manage to answer some of them. This will help you to improve your strategy on social media marketing.

Identify your metrics

By the time you are evaluating the profiles and presence of other brands on the social media, make sure to prepare a plan for yourself. You need to create a plan for your social media campaigning in your head. Before you start doing this, check on the metrics that you will be using to check your future attempts.


The different metrics that you want to track depending upon your marketing strategy for social media are

  • Traffic of referral websites
  • New followers
  • Generated leads
  • Engagement of followers
  • Engagement through blogs
  • Awareness of brand
  • Brand sentiment
  • Brand mentions

If you are new to this, then don’t push yourself with so many of the above mentioned metrics. Start using 2-3 metrics that you think is important for your organization and then look out for the tools that you need to track them. Some of the metrics like engagement rates or new followers numbers are easy to track while sales or generated leads are tough and need special tools.

Set your goals

Set your social media goals

Once you are ready with the metrics, you need to set goals to check whether your efforts are achieved or not. You can achieve this using few strategies:

  • One of the methods to set your marketing goals is to see how you have performed during the past campaigns. Suppose you carried out a campaign and it generated 25% more referral traffic, then this time you can keep a margin of 30% while conducting a campaign.
  • On the other hand, look out for what your competitors are doing and set the margins accordingly. Suppose one of your competitor’s site has 20000 followers and you are left with only 15000, then you can set your goal to increase your social presence by 5000.

Repeat the audit again and again

Make sure you go through the goals again and again. Keep them in the center of your marketing strategy. Keep on reviewing them at regular interval to know your progress.  Apart from tracking the social accounts, you should use tools to measure the success of your website. One of the must have tool that you will need for your campaign measurement is Google Analytics. Sometimes you may feel that you could have spent more time on marketing, but trust me, doing this is equally important. If you want to increase the web traffic, then you need to follow the above mentioned points.

Author Bio: Christopher Meloni is a Marketing Manager at a fastest growing Online Coupon Industry. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion for the Ecommerce Industry and it’s Branding and likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field. Connect with Christopher on Twitter.