Although, the website has become the most important commodity in this era, many clients are totally unclear about the purpose of accomplishing their website. The only goal they are aware of is “establishing an online presence”, but an absolute fuzziness of this statement makes clear that it’s just their wishful thinking.  Clients in most cases misconstrue the reason of updating their website. Most probably they are not able to catch that backend improvement and UX aspects are most vital elements in web plan and at least expect the web designer to be omniscient.

Of course, as UX design is relatively a new concept, you will probably have great fallacy regarding new concepts, right from the simple misconception of basic principles of the UX, to reaching false conclusions on the techniques that work. No one is perfect and some concepts in UX are simply splendidly complex. To clear the basics, we have emphasized some common mistakes that are usually seen in UX. Smart design decisions will help to delight and satisfy your visitors, rather than making them frustrate with your boring designs.

Too Much of Functionality That Requires Signing Up

Your online portal may have some content or attributes that involve visitors to register before using. That’s great, but you need to be alert about the amount of information that you place behind their registration shield. Extremely useful web application, for example email, document editing, and project management limit one hundred percent of their functionality to only registered persons.

Too Much of Functionality That Requires Signing Up

Ensure when you make such hindrance then do not lock away useful features that don’t require any user identification. Some blogs ask people to login before making any comments. Yes, that’s true that it will significantly decrease spam, but at the same time it will decrease comments. Other known websites like Digg and Reddit makes sure that users do not have to login to enjoy some functionality.

User engagement and visibility is surely affected by how many obstacles there are. Removing such hindrance will certainly increase the user visibility and engagement. Once they know how awesome your services are they will likely sign up, as they are already impressed with your services and would always love to stay connected to it.

No Search Bar

No Search Bar


Out of 100%, 80% of the people come to search for a specific product on that web page. As they know what they exactly want, they don’t want to spend time learning the website’s navigation structure. No matter it is an online commerce platform or a blog, you need to search. Hence, having a search bar is a compulsion for your website. Don’t forget.

Don’t Just Design For Yourself

When you are working in a creative field, you analyze strong factors through your experience and implement that. However, if you are a UX designer or want to become a GOOD designer, then you have think in prospect of a USER.  Ultimately your goal is to help them. If your users fall short of understanding the purpose of your design, then it is fruitless.

No way to get in touch

No way to get in touch

A website is the key to build loyal customers. But what if you couldn’t answer people’s questions and fixing their problems, that is you are not able to provide best customer service, just because you lack to have a way to “get in touch”.

Today, many websites still don’t provide any easy channel for getting in touch with the business administrative. Many don’t even display their email address or contact form.  Hope you have a way to contact and if you don’t, update it immediately.

Stop Asking Web Developers To Write The Content

Initially NOTE DOWN that a web developer is not a content writer. However, most of them request their developers to write website content. Don’t make this mistake, as the web developer won’t be aware about SEO friendly content. A quantity of poor content can kill your UX.

Pagination used for the wrong purpose

Are you pondering how pagination can turn wrong? Well on the web today, many web pages including content pages, like blog articles are split into several pages. Why web developers do that? It’s not possible that the article is so long that it requires pagination. This will lead to one major issue: The first is that it’s just really frustrating when it redirects to another web page. Loading several web pages just to read one article isn’t fun. It means you are creating several barriers for your visitors just for one article.

Hence, before designing ensure you don’t develop any such silly mistakes which can lead to several barriers for you and your customers.

Author Bio: Christopher Meloni is the marketing strategist at Kodematix. He has establishes some common practices that webmaster makes during Website optimization.