Every web designer is always looking out for design resources that would set them apart from other designers and also are easy to use and own. But, you as a web designer seldom find such opportune moment to find web elements and templates that meet your design needs and can be readily implemented on your impending projects.

But thanks to DealFuel, now you can search from a spectrum of different UI tools and resources that would take care of all your design needs. Not only that, these resources are said to be readily available and can be instantly downloaded for free. So without further ado, let’s dig and find out what these amazing resources have in store for you.

1. Patterned website backgrounds

Website background is a crucial factor that decides how good your website will look and how well its content will pop out. Generally, around the globe, designers prefer light background with content having the contrasting color. But why only choose a monotone when you can jazz up your website’s background with edgy patterns. This resource provides you some cool patterned website backgrounds consisting of numerous different patterns. They are easy to implement on any website and enhances your website’s aesthetics.

Patterned website backgrounds

Download here.

2. Free flat icons

Since the inception of the internet, different sites have been using different icons to ease the interaction with their audience. Icons are self-explanatory and aids in reducing the content on your site.  This resource consists of a number of different and unseen icons that can be implemented on your web elements on your websites and also on various pet projects of yours. These 200 different icons consist of various emoticons and icons of characters that have influenced the pop culture immensely. They can be instantly downloaded and used according to your needs and requirements.

Free flat icons

Download here.

3. Food mock-up sets

Are you working on a website for a restaurant chain or working on a personal blog that caters to different cuisines and culinary creations? Then these food mock-ups are the must have items for your project. These mock-up sets provide you a realistic look & feel to your website and makes your web interface much more alluring. You can even tweak them to add your personal touch and use them as posters or banners.

Food mock-up sets

Download here.

4. Free Photoshop actions

Thanks to photoshop and various creative filters, there is no need to indulge in expensive filters for your camera. All you need to do is just edit your images in Photoshop and add the required creative filters. But creating a custom filter can take up a lot of your productive time. So why not use pre-developed filters and use them on your images. This freebie consists of 8 different Photoshop filters that can be readily used for tweaking your images of choice. They can be easily downloaded and used according to your requirements.

Free Photoshop actions

Download here.

5. Web marketing template

Marketing your or one of your clients’ website is an extensive task and requires a lot of planning and marketing know-how. If you jump start your marketing campaign without proper planning, you are most likely to end up under-utilizing some social media platforms. So the best foot forward is to use one of these web marketing templates. Using these web marketing templates you can chalk out how to plan your web marketing and your approach while doing so. This resource consist of 22 different web marketing templates that you can exploit to your give impetus to your web marketing tasks and practices.


Web marketing template

Download here.

6. Pricing tables and banners

Pricing tables and banners are considered to be the best way of highlighting your website’s information. Using banners you can highlight the prominent features of your site and also flaunt any impending discounts or offers. One the other hand, using pricing tables, you can distinguish between the pricing, configuration and features of different products and services with ease. This resource provides you the complete freedom to change the styling of these tables and banners according to your taste and also to reuse them on your personal as well as professional projects.

Pricing tables and banners

Download here.

7. Social media icons

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. On average, people around the globe spend at least 2 hours every day browsing through one or the other social networking platform. Given the stronghold and popularity of these social networks, we as designers should try to integrate relevant social media in our websites as well. This resource provides you an escape from using the same monotonous social media icons by jazzing up the look and feel of these icons. These icons have bright colors and pop up for dark as well as bright backgrounds.

Social media icons

Download here.

8. 59 web marketing tools

Web marketing is a labor intensive process and requires a lot of professional insight. As the demands and needs of the audience change abruptly, the web marketing practices implemented by you should be top-notch and insightful. This resource provided you a list of 59 different web marketing tools both free and paid, but available for you are as freebie, can be used to ease you marketing web marketing practices. This resource also provides the link to the respective websites to intensify further your marketing campaign.

59 web marketing tools

Download here.

9. Icon & Wood patterns

If you are working on a home decor blog or a web-store that sells furniture, what better background can be applicable than different natural wood patterns. These patterns have a fresh perspective and has a vintage look and feel to it. Moreover, the icon patterns give a refereshing and new to your site. They are a rare find, so will help you make your site unique.

Icon and Wood patterns

Download here.

10. One page website template

One-page websites look great and easy to use as well. No wonder, why they are such a rage. But building a one-page website from scratch can be time-consuming and also a painstaking affair. So using the one-page website template, you can shape your one-page website with utmost ease and panache. You can tweak the template according to your needs and implement them on your personal as well as commercial projects.

One page website template

Download here.