In this modern era of technology, it is pretty easy to build great, money-making, even virtually especially with so many web tools available. To meet your goals, you need to have some of the  best project management tricks at your disposal. Before you can build anything important to your work however, you must ensure you have the right knowledge, experience, and professional tools for the successful management of your project. Having the right tool lays the foundation for success before you even begin work. There are many companies actively working to cover your software needs for successfully planning and organizing projects and they have a growing number of applications that help you do awesome things. But Wrike stands out as one of the best apps for your Android-powered phones and tablets. (Note: iOS version is also available).

Easy Remote Collaboration For Assigning and Tracking Projects

Because your work may demand travel, you must be able to access your project management tools wherever you are either via your mobile device or on the web. Wrike’s flexible application offers you this convenience.

Wrike claims that many great companies are relying on their management system such as PayPal and HTC. I used it myself and was inspired to organize my own to-do lists. It is easy to use the app and turn it into a regular part of your routine. When you launch the app for the first time, it requires you to sign-up which is possible only with your email address. Once you are logged in, you can use the service free for two weeks. After the trial period, the company offers you several paid options as well as a free plan for you to continue managing your work. The free plan can be used for teams of five people or less and comes with some great features including real-time streaming of activities. If you need more team members or its more advanced features, then there are several paid plans for you.


Easy Remote Collaboration For Assigning and Tracking Projects

You can easily add new tasks, schedule them, and even assign these tasks to other users in your team. You can track what’s been going on within the activity stream. You can discuss tasks with your team using the comments, and the app drops notifications too so you never miss important messages. Wrike combines what you do in the real-time workspace and make collaboration and document sharing easy. Your tasks are customizable in many ways. You can attach files and photos from your phone, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Users can comment on your tasks and admin can place the task in favorite lists.

Easy Remote Collaboration For Assigning and Tracking Projects

There is a useful function to add reminders too. The interface is simple to understand so you can start adding tasks easily. Some people might get a little confused due to the sheer flexibility with what the app allows them to do. But once you go through the welcome quest, it becomes easy to learn and grow comfortable with this project management platform. The more you explore the app, the more features you discover can help you organize tasks.

Keep an eye on your dashboard to see important tasks. This service allows you to stay connected to your team everyday and monitor what you work. Wrike can be used across Android, iOS and on the web.

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