Bonuses are the most exciting things about playing at online casinos. In fact, many players sign up at online casinos only because of their bonus offers. Bonuses, therefore, not only benefit online casinos, but also hundreds and thousands of casino players who use them to build huge bankrolls.

Before players can actually use bonuses to their benefit, they must learn the art of finding the best of them. Since the biggest bonuses are not always the best bonuses, identifying the best of them can be difficult, especially for new players. To get the latest news about the biggest and best Here are few guidelines to help players who have not yet realized the worth of online casino bonuses.

How to Find and Claim the Best Casino Bonuses

Tip 1: Know the Types of Bonuses

Online casinos offer several varieties of bonuses, the most popular of which is the no-deposit bonus, a small cash gift given away just to welcome new players. Players can claim this bonus even before making a first deposit. The newest type of no-deposit bonus is the free play bonus, which can sometimes be as large as thousands of dollars. However, players will be given a time limit within which they must use this bonus to win as many real money prizes as possible. Any amount over and above the free play bonus up to a specified amount can be retained as winnings.


Online casinos also offer game-specific bonuses such as slots bonuses and roulette bonuses, which must be used on those games alone. Players can also claim deposit bonuses or cash match bonuses, which are given away as percentages of players’ deposit amounts. Casino bonus offers also include refer-a-friend bonuses that are given away to players who refer friends, birthday bonuses, promotional bonuses, and loyalty bonuses.

Tip 2: When to Use the Free Casino Money

Casino bonuses are free casino money, but there is a catch. They are associated with terms and conditions that players must understand. For instance, some bonuses are “sticky,” which means that players can never withdraw the bonus money, but must use it to play online casino games. Some bonuses can be withdrawn, but only after satisfying the wagering terms of playing the bonus plus deposit amounts a specific number of times. Terms and conditions of casino bonus offers depend entirely on the online casino and its policies.

Tip 3: Be Informed to Claim the Best Bonus

To claim the best bonuses, players must first find an online casino that has the reputation for offering large and easy-to-clear bonuses. Players can find information regarding the latest and best casino bonus offers, the latest bonus codes, and the biggest bonuses at approved affiliate sites, gambling news sites and forums, and casino information portals. Signing up for online casino newsletters is also a good way to get the latest bonus news.