If you’ve been looking for quality icons in a variety of different formats, color and size, Icons8 is bringing a new web application that will get you your icon in 20 seconds.

You can expect to receive:

  • Up to 6200 icons
  • A variety of colours
  • Image files of all sizes and types.

new web application

Full access is given for free without any need for registration.

The Icons

Because of your commitment to the community, our ideas are inspired from our fans and the community. If you have an idea, share it with us and you could see it at the next update. We provide daily updates with new icons and more. However, if you’re not looking for anything unique, you can also find the typical logos, like Facebook, Twitter and more.

typical logos

typical logos

Our four icon styles are based on the UX guidelines made by Microsoft, Google and Apple.


We provide icons in three different files types:

  • EPS
  • SVG
  • PNG with sizes from 25×25 to 4000x4000px

The free version of our web application will give you free access to PNG files up to 100px. We know that for most cases, PNG images up to 100px is more than enough.

Gift for our readers

When you try out our web application, you can expect the following formats for free:

  • EPS
  • SVG
  • PNG with sizes from 25×25 to 4000x4000px

Some users disagree with our PNG size limit and repeatedly request for a no limit PNG image for free. As a result, we are giving our readers and users the gift of free access to PNG images of any size for a limited time. The limited time offer ends on December 15th. You can start taking advantage of this offer by following this link.


How to use

We provide features to make it easier for users to locate the icons they desire, whether it’s through searching or browsing, we have both.


Our search engine is based on a tag system that returns icon results based on the keywords you use, the tags are chosen by the community and our team. Although it has made things easier, it will sometimes give you results you aren’t looking. Who knows? Maybe you might find something you like.

icons8 search for fun


If the search engine doesn’t work out, you can take advantage of our browsing option that shows all the categories. We have categories anywhere from business icons to plants and buildings. Straightforward and simple.


We understand the hassle of registering before you’re given access to a sites features, so we have made over 6200 icons available for you without registration. You simple choose the icon, the PNG format (25×25 to 100x100px) and click download. Simple and quick!

6200 icons available

PNG format


We also provide the option to try something new like changing the PNG format or to simply make it smaller, you can also adjust the image for your desktop wallpaper, or something weird like messing with someone’s nose. Try it out by clicking the link above, you never know what you may discover.


For those who prefer the HTML code instead of the image file, we give you the option to choose. You simply click the ‘Generate HTML’ button and you can copy and paste the code to your site. You won’t need to upload any images, as you will only need to insert code.

We provide further flexibility by letting you choose the HTML code:

  • CSS Injection
  • SVG tags
  • IMG tag using base64-encoded SVG

Insert the PNG icon


To make things even more efficient for the users, you can ‘collect’ all the icons you wish to download and download them at the same time. If you need multiple collections for several projects, you can create a collection and add icons to it. We know that your time is valuable, so we constantly aim to improve your experience.

download generate font

To further update our features, we have promised to create a collection sharing option. This will allow you to share your collection of icons with your team, the community or even your friends.

Your own icons

Your own icons

If you have your own icons, you can upload your icons onto our servers where the shapes will be merged into a single path. You can create a font using your own icons.

upload your icons

Paid Features

Many of our features are free, however we provide paid features that many have claimed to be worth the fee. You can expect the following upgrades if you decide to sign up for paid features.

  • PNG Images available up to 4000x4000px
  • For only $249, you will be given access to EPS and SVG where you can modify the icons.

Icons8 provides three versions, including the sceptic, moderate and the super-positive.

Conclusion (sceptic)

We provide several different versions of our features, whether you work with icons on a regular basis, or just use them casually, we have an option for you. Our free version is perfect for the casual user, while our more advanced users can sign up for a paid feature to take full advantage of our icons and the features.

Conclusion (moderate)

Icons8 provides the option to use the paid version that costs $149-249. While the cost is considered high, the additional features provided is more than worth it. You will receive 4 icon packages and tools that will last you a lifetime. Whether you decide to use the paid or free version, our icons and features will surely be a great addition to your toolbox.

Conclusion (super-positive)

We provide some of the largest selection of icons in the industry and have received very positive feedback regarding the design. Not only do we provide icon packs, we also provide unique tools. With these tools, your tasks will be automated allowing you to create toolbars in a shorter amount of time.

Our paid version is worth the cost and has supposedly been purchased by large companies like BBC, Apple and even Uber. If you’re unsure, please feel free to try out our free version.

About Icons8

Icons8 takes pride in their web application, we deliver quality service in a timely manner. Browse or search our library of over 6000 icons in your choice of format, size and color. All in 20 seconds or less.