Choosing a website builder can sometimes be a very difficult task, however choosing a website builder based purely on their templates can be almost impossible. In this article we have found three website templates from three different website builders. We will examine templates from Wix, IM Creator as well as Squarespace.

IM Creator

IM Creator offers access to more than 70 different templates in more than 12 different categories. Overall, the templates are stylish enough that you can use them right away. While IM Creator might not offer a whole bunch of themes, from a visual point of view however these themes are just stunning. IM Creator doesn’t offer a whole load of advanced features which might be a turn off for some people, however, if you are just starting out, then you might prefer the fact that the platform is relatively easy to use.

Below we have presented some great examples of IM Creator templates.

IM Creator


James Dime

If you like the above shown templates, then perhaps you should consider using IM Creator to create a website.


Wix offers more than 280 different templates, spread across 13 different categories. One of the first things you notice is the fact that not only had a lot of emphasis been placed on making sure all the themes are stunning and easily customizable, but every theme also has a responsive design, meaning they work well with mobile devices.


Below we have presented three great examples of Wix templates.


Don Richards

The Socks

If the templates above are according to your taste, then chances are you will find a template on Wix that you will be able to use for your website.


The first thing you will notice when you look at the Squarespace template section is the fact that they don’t really offer that many templates, however the ones they do offer are very professional. Furthermore, Squarespace offers a built in Mobile Preview function which allows you to see how the template will look on a mobile device.





So to conclude, should you use a website builder template or build your own one from scratch? It really depends on what you are looking to create, I have found that if you are just starting out as a web designer, then perhaps it might be a good idea to start with a website creator, however, if you are more experienced in creating websites, then chances are you will quickly reach the limit of what can be done with a website builder.