It would be no overstatement to say that WordPress is the frontrunner among all the high performance content management systems that are widely used by brands and web developers to create websites that are powerful and give them a great wherewithal to be flexible.

Globalizing and Localizing Your WP Website with i18n Support

However, there still are a few rough spots and challenges with the usage of WordPress since by default, it is presented in the English language. While there is a multi-lingual capability that is built-in. And this feature has helped the WP community across the globe in presenting the WP solution in various languages.

WP Website with i18n Support

How WordPress i18n Support Takes the WP Features Further and Beyond

To begin with, you may be wondering what exactly is i18n: Well, in its bare bones, it is an abbreviation for internationalization. Now, there are as many as 18 letters between “i” and “n”, which contributes to its name i18n. And this tool really helps you to create a localized version of your WordPress site so that you can penetrate the local market with more effectiveness and formidability.

How WordPress i18n Support Takes the WP Features Further and Beyond

How to Install WordPress’ Localized Version

The WordPress community is massive, and not to mention, highly keen to spread this CMS beyond barriers. So, the WordPress developers keep making consistent efforts to translate this CMS into diverse languages, and thus, creating a localized version becomes a job easier than envisaged.
Now, let’s say you have to create a localized version by translating the website into a French version:

  1. The first step involves accessing the website, wherefrom you will find the option to download the French WordPress.
  2. Head to the FTP settings of your web server.
  3. Unzip the WordPress package in the directory of your choice.
  4. The next step involves creating a WordPress database on the server
  5. Also create MySQL user that has the admin-level privileges.
  6. He next step dictates that you make changes to the wp-config.php file and append some information regarding your database.
  7. Now, head to the web browser’s URL wherefrom you will execute the WordPress installation script.
  8. That’s it, you have the French WordPress live!

L10n proves to be handy while localizing your website, the basic concept is that there are 10 letters between L and N, and that is why this name. This tool makes use of the translation API that actually finds the strings for the relevant language locale in order to come to a conclusion if there is a translated version there in the domain theme. The whole process is carried out in a pretty seamless manner using translation files signified as the .po files.


Internationalization of the Existing WP Website

Now, there is every chance that a French webmaster wasn’t really aware that WordPress also has a French version, and due to this reason, that webmaster was running his website in the English version. And now you decide that you want your WordPress to be in French, instead of keeping it in the default English version?

How difficult you wager the entire process is? Very hard? Well, here is the news for you – translating your WordPress site from English to French or for that matter to any other language is a matter of following certain simple enough steps that do not you to completely reinstall your website.

So, here is the process for your consideration:

Download .mo file of your preferred language (in this case French) from the array of WordPress translations available at
Once you have installed the .mo file, the next step involves installing the same on your theme.

For the same, you need to create a new folder in /wp-content directory that you can find by the name of /languages. Now, the .mo file you have has to be uploaded to this new folder

The next sequence of steps include:

Access the wp-config.php and in there, you need to look for:
define (‘WPLANG’, ”);

Now, this line of code has to be edited in correspondence with the .mo file you intend to install. It will look like this:
define(‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’);

Now, save the file. Once the settings are completely saved, access your website and you will find it displaying the French language.

You May Find that Some Words Weren’t Translated

When you are surfing your website after installing the .mo file, you may find out that certain words are in English only. However, you have the WordPress Updates page where it is a remarkable easier way to get your website translated in French or any other language in its entirety

You May Find that Some Words Weren't Translated

Wrapping Up

Thanks to the innovations like these, the WordPress community continues to grow at a rapid speed and keeps giving the webmasters a free rein to shape their website in lieu to their choicest features.

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