Web Designing is something that involves an incredible amount of creativity and passion. With a wide range of web design frameworks available in the market, choosing one that suits your level of expertise is a bit challenging. Popular as a trendy front end framework, Bootstrap has been used by web designers, both amateurs and professionals. Moreover, its compatibility with all major web browsers makes it the first choice of web experts intending to build web applications and websites. Boostrap offers a lot of stunning UI Kits, which can aid in speeding up the web design process to new heights.

The highly customized nature of Bootstrap HTML & CSS UI Kits lets you bring in new elements of charm and elegance into your web design and theme. In this blog, I’ll be taking you through 10 of the finest HTML and CSS UI Kits which work as a magic wand for web designers engaged in varied web design projects.

1. Metro UI CSS Kit

Developed with the advice of Microsoft, Metro UI CSS kit allows you to build the user interface via grid, layouts, 20+ components, typography, 300+ built-in icons and general styles.

Metro UI CSS Kit

The best part of using Metro UI CSS Kit is that it enables you to create a site with an interface that’s similar to Windows 8.

2. Dropper Bootstrap Skin

Dropper Bootstrap Skin is a skin for Bootstrap that’s equipped with advanced functionality of CSS3 and can be used with any website that’s built with the Bootstrap framework. Dropper comes with several improvements to the original Bootstrap styles based on the latest CSS3 functionality. It extends the styles that are directly applied to bootstrap files, with no overwritten rules or bloating CSS.

Dropper Bootstrap Skin

3. CSS3 UI Kit

CSS3 UI Kit is loaded with everything that’s essential for pacing up the web design and development projects. It includes checkboxes, search box, radio buttons and many more interesting stuff.

4.  Futurico UI HTML

Futurico is yet another interesting UI Kit that comes with a stylish radio-box, contemporary buttons, Calendar, colorful icons, sign in button, Music buttons and like buttons.

Futurico UI HTML

5. MI Strap Twitter Bootstrap UI

MI Strap is a brilliant UI Kit and a theme that’s built on the very popular Twitter Bootstrap framework. It’s source file includes all the standard elements that are required for designing a perfect website. These elements include: input forms, buttons, navigation bars, toggles and much more. All these are available in .PSD and HTML5/CSS3 formats.


MI Strap Twitter Bootstrap UI

6. Pure CSS

Pure CSS is a set of small, responsive CSS Modules that can be used by web designers in all kinds of web projects. With tons of responsive CSS Modules, Pure CSS serves itself as a must-have UI kit for every web designer.

Pure CSS

7. Flat-UI

Flat UI is a free user interface kit which serves web designers with tons of utilities such as menus, buttons, background, typography, icons, color and many more, all at no price at all.


8. Bootflat UI Kit

Bootflat is an open source flat UI Kit that’s been built on Bootstrap 3.2.0 CSS framework. It provides a faster and easier way for web designers or developers to create awesome web applications.

Bootflat UI Kit

9. Web UI CSS Kit

Web UI CSS Kit comes with graduated design styles that serve handy for web designers who’re looking ahead to build websites with metro style and semi-flat design.

Web UI CSS Kit

10. CSS3 UI Kit(PSD+CSS)

CSS3 UI Kit(PSD+CSS) is one of the long awaited Icon Deposit CSS3 UI Kit. It includes everything from the GUI buttons and switched to checkboxes and radio-buttons. This UI Kit is also loaded with Phtoshop PSD file for designers who want to edit their design or create bigger images.

CSS3 UI Kit with PSD CSS


Now that was a list of 10 outstanding HTML and CSS UI Kits, which serve as a must-have for every web designer who wants to explore the world of web designing via handy user interface kits.

Author Bio : Amy Brown is a web developer by profession, a writer by hobby and works for WordPrax Ltd., a WordPress Customization Service company. She loves sharing information regarding WordPress customization tips & tricks.