In a digital age where so much data is exchanging hands every second, the need to organize and analyze this data is increasing. As a result, many businesses and corporations have been creating their own dashboards that are feeding off content management systems. In order to build these back-end dashboards and admin panels, many developers have turned to Bootstrap given its responsive design capabilities and the plethora of plugins and components available.

To speed up the development time, many of these developers are opting to use a ready-made Bootstrap template to get the job done. The following gallery contains 11 full-featured Bootstrap admin dashboard templates from BootstrapBay, perfect for any developer looking to create a beautiful and fully functional back-end dashboards.

Boom Admin – Dashboard Web App Template

Boom Admin is a full-featured, versatile web app and dashboard template. Featuring Bootstrap 3.1, AngularJS and JSON data services. Boom is jam packed with features and components and utilizes several different pages and layouts.

Admin Dashboard Templates

Flat Dream – Responsive Admin Template

Flat Dream is a responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 3.2. It has a flat design and beautiful features ready to use in your next project. Flat dream contains a wide variety of modals, 10 preset color themes, and also includes customizable less files to create your own color themes.

Flat Dream - Responsive Admin Template

Arjuna – Responsive Admin Template

Arjuna is a responsive Bootstrap adming & dashboard theme with a clean and flat design. It has tons of features and ready-to-use ui elements, widgets, charts and over 50 different pages.

Arjuna - Responsive Admin Template

Srikandi – Responsive Admin Template

Srikandi is a responsive admin template built on Bootstrap 3.2 containing over 40 different pages. It uses an overhead navigation instead of a sidebar to give it a very unique look and feel.

Srikandi - Responsive Admin Template

Proctor – Admin & Frontend Template

Proctor is multi-page admin and front end theme. Both the themes follow the same design philosophy to maintain consistency and impact. The clean and minimal design lets you focus effortlessly on the data. Proctor comes stocked with essential UI elements to cut down on the development time.


Proctor - Admin & Frontend Template

Flatter – Mobile First Flat Admin Theme

Flatter is a mobile first web app theme. It is built off Bootstrap 3.1 with neatly organized HTML and CSS, carefully crafted from head to toe. It uses retina graphs and icons and scales appropriately to any device.

Flatter - Mobile First Flat Admin Theme

eKoders – The Complete Admin Theme

eKoders Admin is a very light weight, fully featured and easy to use Admin theme. It’s based on bootstrap 3.2.0 and includes most of the popular and required plugins. It can be used for many types of CMS, web applications, admin panels, and client panels.

eKoders - The Complete Admin Theme

Bluewaves – Responsive Admin Template

Bluewaves Admin theme is a beautifully coded fully featured admin panel. It is very lightweight and easy customizable. The CSS and JS files for every plugin are split so that you can easily exclude the plugins you don’t want to use. This keeps everything nice, clean and fast-loading.

Bluewaves - Responsive Admin Template

MyxDashboard – Responsive Admin Template

MyxDashboard is a clean and elegant template suitable for any back-end application. Created using Bootstrap 3.2, it is intended to be lightweight and easy to use and customize.

MyxDashboard - Responsive Admin Template

Aqua – Flat & Responsive Dashboard

Aqua is a flat dashboard template based on Boostrap 3 and Bootflat. It’s designed to be clean and easy to customize. Aqua has a great collection of plugins and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

Aqua - Flat & Responsive Dashboard

Slate – Bootstrap Admin Theme

Slate is intended to be a lightweight and simple admin theme to make sure your app runs as fast as possible.

Slate - Bootstrap Admin Theme