Being a WordPress developer, it’s quite natural to crave for better plugins, themes, and add-ons to keep your website always at the top of the game. As we know, WordPress is a highly customizable software, and comes with an amazing developer support who constantly work on discovering more and more about the platform. Due to this, each year the webmasters of WordPress introduce us with dynamic plugins to help us accomplish almost anything we imagine about our website.

WordPress plugin repository consists more than 30,000 plugins, and beginners often find it confusing which plugin to choose and which one to drop. Therefore, to make the process of selection easier for you, below is the list of some dynamic plugins worth installing on your WordPress site. The plugins are selected on the basis of their usability, quality, and popularity.

Performance Enhancing WordPress Plugins

1. WP Optimize

WP Optimize is a simple yet effective plugin designed for organizing, optimizing, and cleaning up your WordPress database. It eliminates the use of PhpMyAdmin, you need to clean your database.

WP Optimize


  • The plugin makes it easy to disable/enable trackbacks and comments for all your published posts
  • The plugin is responsive, means you can optimize your website easily to suit the requirements of Smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Effectively showcases database statistics. Also displays how much space has been optimized and how much has been cleared.
  • Fully controlled by administrators

2. Plugin Organizer

The Plugin Organizer is an easy and quick way of organizing all the plugins installed on your WordPress site. It also allows you to selectively display the plugins that are installed for managing posts as well as your website. Plus, you can also group the plugins as per their requirements and functions on the admin page.

Plugin Organizer


  • Modify the order in which plugins are loaded on your website
  • Speed up the performance of the website by moving up the most important plugin  to the top and everything else after that.
  • You have the facility to disable or enable the plugins on selected pages. All you need to do is go the the ‘Settings’ and enable the selective plugins there accordingly.

3.  WP is basically an online service provided by Yahoo, which allows you to optimize your images, and their size without sacrificing their visual quality. The plugin is popular and requires no configuration. Simply install and activate it, and it will start optimizing every image you install while displaying the amount of bytes you saved during the entire process.



  • Stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • Fully optimize JPEG compression
  • Easily transform GIF into indexed PNGs

4.  Speed Booster Pack

It’s a no secret that having a website which loads within seconds has become crucial for every online business. Speed is a major factor that needs to be taken with a serious concern. So, if you want to optimize the performance of your WordPress site, Speed Booster Pack plugin is all what you need. The plugin comes with interactive options to improve your website performance and get higher score on major speed testing website such as GTMatrix, Google Page Speed etc.

Speed Booster Pack



  • Move scripts to the folder to improve loading speed
  • Improves image loading time
  • Provides alterations on the compression level of images
  • Eliminates junk header tags
  • Display page loading time

5. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

P3 is a performance booster plugin which narrows down everything that negatively affects the speed of your website. More specifically, the main purpose of the plugin is to measure the impact of other plugins on the responding time of your website. P3 is a dynamic plugin that helps you in making informed decisions about what plugins should you continue to use or which one to uninstall.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)


  • Clearly organizes all the plugins to improve website performance
  • Gives you clarity about which plugin you should continue using

6. Better WordPress Minify

One of the most recommended ways to speed up a website is by combining the CSS and JavaScript files, and this plugin helps you achieve exactly that. The PHP library Minify is made use of with this plugin that also makes use of the enqueueing mechanism for delivering a good speed. The enqueued files are relocated to the custom locations.

Better WordPress Minify

7. JS & CSS Script Optimizer

The plugin helps you in groups Javascript and CSS files through the administration area. This way, you can speed up the performance of your website and make it more competitive.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer


  • Combine several scripts into a common file
  • Remove comments, tabs, and spaces to reduce the file size and increase speed

8.  WP-HTML-Compression

Now, you increase the speed of your website by simply narrowing down the URLs and comments from an HTML document with the help of this plugin.



  • Compress HTML by shortening URLs
  • Boost the content delivery process and increase Google rankings

9. HeadJS Loader

Easily format your page to utilize Head JS on your WordPress site. The plugin removes all the old Javascript files and moves them into Head.js to ensure uniformity among them.

10. CloudFlare

The plug helps you identify whether your website is running effectively on CloudFlare platform or not.


So, there we have it all. The above mentioned plugins will help you make your website strong and powerful. Install any of them and optimize your website for speed and performance.

About Me :- Ben Wilson has over half decade of experience in WordPress devlopment and it’s related services. Currently he is working with WordPrax Ltd. – a wordpress conversion company provides all services related to WordPress.