Designer proposed a concept of iOS8 for Greek:

iOS 8 in the latest version is used to see everything which was recycled in 2007, since the first iPhone, Apple has changed the platform software. User interface, graphics, and icons – everything looks new. However, many elements of the operating system functionality remain the same despite the redesign.

In the interpretation of the designer, the first page gets rid of standard network applications iOS. In addition, it becomes a launcher panel and complete control of a mobile device. Own iPhone cannot just open the application from the dock, but also read the latest emails and SMS, call history, Facebook notifications, read calendar appointments without having to put the programs.
Designer proposed a concept of iOS8 for Greek

At the top of the desktop iOS 8 date and time clock with, as well as buttons to control the functions of the mobile device .Ambient air and the weather forecast for the next few days, check the temperature. The artist himself says, geeks and desktop is designed for advanced users. Wifi, Bluetooth and do not disturb others.

New Designs:

Photos from Apple iOS devices all share the same basic design is trying to combine that can indicate the current member of the Air and the iPad Mini, a design that echoes appear. The design of the model was very different from the phone, as it certainly will be a first….

Multiple sizes:

Filter model of the new iPhone 4.7 inches, 5.7 inches, a model and a reference terminal giant has revealed. Apple iPhone 6 comes to “big is better” may think that shows.

iOS8 most advanced mobile operating system

So far, Apple always 4-inch full-screen to be used with one hand, allowing the perfect size for a Smartphone screen said. However, large-screen phones in the past year or so has been incredibly popular and growing market now Phablet Apple’s’ can be ignored. Apple is the big screen for a while now by phone that the rumors have been considering a move, then he received this year from the bag will be interesting to see.

iCloud Drive Design


The new iPad-esque design is correct, it soon “, 5.7″, 7.9 to 4.7 will be able to choose “(iPad Mini) and 9.7″ (iPad Air) devices means.

Latest Infinity concepts of IOS 8 Design:

Latest Concept for  iOS 8 of cyber latest concept design and tech geeks and Apple fans have gained a great appreciation must confess. A Russian designer Nico Achkasov design concept and try to get to designs this concept and hard work was about three months. iOS 7 for positive reasons in the cyber world has created a stir, but the design has changed the user interface users can not appeal positive. In addition to the fact that in August, the popular iOS8 offers hope to reach a wide range of concept design inspired designers.

Latest Infinity concepts of IOS 8 Design

If you were of the opinion that the flat is boring, then it is time to think twice in the concept of infinity icons users are not three-dimensional. In the new design concept, the icons are present in a grid pattern and many vibrant neon colors have been used in it to make it look as attractive as possible. The entire color palette used in the interface is in harmony with each other, creating a unique and striking pattern.

The icons used in the interface, three-dimensional and are not simple, but that is impressive about this is a sparkle. In simple words, it works with Apple’s designers represent the best hope for people. Imagine that the Android platform, designed in the style of the style icon.

The features of iOS8 design concept:

The features of iOS8 design concept

Any kind of design is mainly inspired by artists or designers own style and preference, but the concept of infinity is definitely going to make a universal appeal before Apple fans. We hope that Apple will seek designers for the demands of the public and expectations while development of the user interface of iOS 8 and will get to see at least some, if not all the features of iOS8 design concept.

Visually better:

OS 7 was a revolutionary change. All previous versions of iOS used to look almost same and iOS 7 acted as the new trendsetter. Apple can be developing following the trend they have set; there will still be minor improvements. As for the new iOS 5 update 8 beta, they have noticed that some icons have changed and are better now. For example, we refer keychain, iCloud Drive, Family Sharing iCloud, iCloud etc icons and backup.