Are you pissed off that your visitors just come to your website and run away? They are getting attracted with the graphics but what is it that makes them leave the website as soon as they enter? What are those points that other websites have but your website is lacking?

Well there could be hundred of reasons for all the above questions and the best way to find out is by comparing your website with your competitor’s website and finding all other related websites of your niche. Compare your website and find out where your website is lacking? Every business person is thinking about how he/she can make their visitors stay longer on their website?  

Make My Visitors Stay Longer on my Blog

How Can I Make My Visitors Stay Longer On My Website

In this post I am going to tell you about 10 magic tricks that will make your visitors stay on your page for longer time. They won’t bounce in 5 seconds and will also become your customers after visiting your website. Let’s find out the tricks:

why your visitors are leaving your website

1. Give your visitors an organized and clean path

When you design a website always make sure that you are designing it in a clean way i.e. your visitors could find the way easily where they want to go. When they know what and where to move their cursors they enjoy browsing your website and will definitely spend some time on your site.

2. Optimize your website for smart phones and tablets

The trend is going for responsive website designs. This means that your websites should be optimized with mobile devices. More than 75% of population use their smart phones for browsing any website. So it is crucial for you to have a website that is easy to access using a smart phone.

3. Add supportive images and graphics

When you add images to your website you cannot add any image. The images and graphics should be relevant and supportive for your website. The graphics on your website should support the content you have written on your website. This is the only way to make your visitors enjoy your website.

4. Do not forget to add extra elements

Now what are these extra elements? One minute! Please do not add anything on your site; these extra elements are those that add to your website’s credibility. When you want to leave an everlasting impression it is the credibility of your website that works. If your visitors are not finding anything on your website to be trusted it is difficult to retain them on your website. So be unique and credible.


5. Use graphics more and less text

If your webpage only contains text and text then do not worry for a high bounce rate. Yes, when your website is not having enough of images to attract users and let them stay on your page it is completely your fault because you have designed a boring webpage for your visitors. Write specific and to the point content and add images to define your website well.

6. Offer Organized and Spontaneous Navigation

One thing that is your duty to serve your visitors with is providing them with easy and clean navigation. The topmost navigation should contain all the important links that your visitors might e interested in like home, contact us and other relative information.

7. Flaunt new things that you have to offer

It won’t be effective if you are just adding things to your website without even making it a news. Flaunt it. When you have something to offer, advertise it properly. Make your customers aware about the things you are providing to them. Write catchy headlines and make your customers visit you.

8. Optimize the loading speed of your website

If your website is taking more than 5 seconds to load then forget about it that your visitors will wait for the website to open. The cross button in colour red on the extreme right will work faster for them than your website. They will move to some other website.

9. First impression is the last impression

Always make your first impression as the best. Chances are always zero that your visitor will look for your second step. If he/she dislikes the things at first they are gone. It would be very difficult to make them trust you again. Always take your first chance as your last chance.

10. Avoid distractions

Place good and relevant ads on your webpages but avoid making any kind of distraction to your webpage. This could harm your own business. Your visitors will move to the other page leaving your website behind.

So these are some measures that you should take while designing a website, a good and attractive website indeed. Having a website is not enough but you have to be very careful while designing and planning the graph of your website. Your initial measures and concentration will pay you a lot in your future.

About Author Kristy Bernales
Kristy Bernales is a Creative designer and developer from Melbourne Australia. She is the head of web development team at Webdesign Xperts – Melbourne based leading Magento Development Company. You can find Kristy on FBLinkedIn, and Twitter.