After numerous HTML5 updates like HTML5 elements, browser support, html5 web app frameworks, graphic embedded content, audio codecs, input forms and forms attributes. As newbies of HTML5 I had to learn this new version of HTML from best HTML5 blogs that also listed below. I had to search the world wide web to find ultimate resources for learning basic and advance web development techniques. I think that a list of my The 15 Best HTML5 Blogs could help shorter the while you will take to learn this remarkable modern web technology.

HTML5 Doctor

A collaboration blog that presenting future of web design. Giving all HTML5 updates and publishing articles related to HTML5.

HTML5 Blogs

HTML5 Blog

HTML5 Blog has HTML5 updated news, videos, and more. As a web developer and entrepreneur, HTML5 began taking over my world.

html5 blog

HTML5 Rocks

A useful resource for web developers who looking to put HTML5 to use into modern designs. HTML5 Rocks is looking Google project.

html5 resources


HTML5 Layouts are a one of the best html5 blog who providing free responsive html5 templates with modern layouts. Anyone can download under the Creative Commons Attribution License.


HTML5 tutorial

We have many other best html5 blogs, but html-5-tutorial one of best to place for HTML5 tutorials for beginners and advanced web developers in plain English.

html5 learning blogs


The best resource that all about HTML5 elements, browser support, html5 web apps, graphics & embedded content, audio codecs, input forms and forms attributes. You can learn more basic terms and initial stage of HTML5 development that compatible with most of the internet browsers.


HTML5 Blogs

HTML5 Test

HTML5Test for web developers to know how well your internet browser support the upcoming HTML5 standard and related specifications.


HTML 5 Outliner

Gsnedders.HTML5 It helps as Online tool that presents the structure of HTML5 documents.

HTML 5 Outliner

HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Gallery a blog who showcasing the new markup websites also helps to implement updated HTML5 on their own blogs or site with advanced browser support and improve their implementation in response to better user experience.

HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Bookmarks

HTML5 Bookmarks giving daily updates about HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and bookmarks with useful tools and resources.


HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please place of related reviews about HTML5 features and shiny responsibly. Also featured HTML5 along with CSS3 development. Here is the collective knowledge of developers who have been deep in the HTML5 trenches.

HTML5 Please


The-M-Project is an cross-platform mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework that helps you building great easy and fast mobile apps.

The-M-Project justifying latest version of HTML and XHTML.