SVG images without losing image quality of almost any size are smaller in size and scale. . SVG files that some software programs are:  Adobe Illustrator, CORELDRAW, Inkscape and Serif DrawPlus. There are some online. Editors SVG editing Google. Icons font’s vs SVG: Why and how technology continues to change our recent article about the project to use IVS can get more information.

Here we collect some examples of web design is to use SVG.SVG web graphics technology for presenting offers a truly resolution independent. SVG such paths, shapes, fonts and colors , such as gradients , filters , scripting and animation as well as more advanced features such as using XML to define basic properties that is a vector graphics format . Create the file and any scale and resolution use it anywhere.

SVG vs Images – Modern Web Designs

Consider the use cases

UI and navigation icons, vector -style illustrations, patterns and repeating backgrounds. For all of these, a scalable graphic is the perfect solution from a visual standpoint, and yet fixed -resolution images are still the norm. In the example below, we take advantage of SVG to expand on a common development technique to show you how.I already have an image or a raster image, especially if do not, then all images can be understood SVG format. Use this image in twice the required size and dimensions of 50 percent, which is to show that a potential solution to this issue.

SVG vs Images

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I mean you 150px wide by 150px tall a website that has a picture, an image that is 300px X 300px in size, the actual use is still evident in 150px X 150px. Thus, the image on a retina display will show better and fast.HTML, CSS or JS in your website through effective 2X are many ways to take pictures. I will not go into detail about them, but I will show you basic techniques.Font-face icons instead of letters and thank you for making fonts, images that might make use of them. Very well, for two reasons support this method. First, in the same way that the SVG sources are large in scale but also because of different screen sizes in various resolutions, such as the retina, not only in general.


Comparisons and distinctions

The greatest similarity between the two types of web design is that both allow web sites to be viewed on mobile devices and screen sizes, which ultimately gives visitors a better user experience.Whereas AWD depends preset display sizes, RWD is based on the flexible and fluid networks. Consider the example of Disney, The Next Web and The Boston Globe listed above for examples of RWD. As for AWD, take for example- AWD detects devices in a user before loading the web page, and then provides the best version of the site for that device, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Modern Web Designs

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While [RWD] is becoming commonplace now, many companies do not have the resources, skills or labor yet brings him on board. The base of each design varies between familiar HTML and CSS for scripting languages territory, so depending on what level of comfort of a designer and the experience that he or she may gravitate toward one method over the other.

The verdict

If you decide RWD, know that you need to have a strategy behind the design of mobile restrictions – do not assume that a site will default when accessed from a desktop computer. If you choose AWD, knowing we can allow further optimization of mobile and tablet experience , due to additional features such as location and touch gestures. There is also a larger point that there are technical differences between the two designs. For publishers, the technical differences are not the point – it is not an objective to ensure that the content is optimized for the public, regardless of the device they use because there is a clear difference between the two practices of web design, as a web designer, you should have a clear and strong understanding of the two sides of the story.

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